Leaf vacs keep gardens and lawns looking their best, here’s ten to consider

It’s back to school for the kids and gardeners are starting a new term as well with autumnal chores.
And while lawns and hedges still need trimming to keep them looking their best through the tail end of the growing season many will have seen the first leaves fluttering down.
There is a massive range of equipment to keep the garden leaf and debris free but for a larger area a leaf vac is one of the easiest and here are ten top machines for you to consider.

Al-Ko hurricane wheeled vac
Great suction: Al-Ko hurricane wheeled vac

First is the Al-Ko 75BA Hurricane Wheeled Vacuum with excellent suction powerful enough to pick up wet leaves which have been trodden into the lawn or path.
The model has a 140 cc Al-Ko four stroke engine especially designed for excellent fuel consumption and maximum power.
It has been engineered for fast and easy starting with no need for priming or using a choke.
The air turbine housing and vacuum nozzle and housing all all made from powder coated steel for a longer life.
The collection bag can hold 200 litres and is easily emptied and there are four working heights depending adjustable to the surface you are working on.
The working width is 75 cm and there is a hose kit to clean out hidden corners.
It costs £375 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £399, has free next working day delivery and a two year maker’s guarantee.

McCulloch windy vacuum
For large lawns: McCulloch windy vacuum

Second on our list is a machine from a popular manufacturer, the McCulloch Windy Vac Push-Type Wheeled Lawn & Leaf Vacuum.
This is a really popular machine with a four stroke 4 hp Briggs & Stratton engine which is cheap to run and easy to start.
This one is designed for large lawns, paths and drives with a 76 cm working width to get the job done in the shortest time.
The collection bag can take 250 litres and the machine is solidly built with a steel deck designed for a long life of rugged use.
It is very manoeuvrable so is ideal for working around trees and border edges.
It costs £429 and delivery is free.
With this model you can also buy a hose kit for £69.

Billy Goat Little Billy
Leading manufacturer: Billy Goat Little Billy

The Billy Goat LB351 ‘Little Billy’ Lawn Vacuum is from a leading American manufacturer and is currently on offer at a very special price.
There is a Briggs & Stratton 500 series engine and it has a working width of 20 in so it is ideal for lawns and harder surfaces of up to half an acre.
Little Billy can gobble up all manner of debris from lawns, drives and patios to give an excellent spring clean in autumn.
There is an optional hose for hoovering up rubbish from borders and flower beds which will save a huge amount of time.
There is a 105 litre collection bag and the large front wheels can be adjusted according to the surface.
The optional hose kit costs £129 and replacement bags cost £79.95. Little Billy costs £529, saving you £162 on the manufacturer’s recommended price.
There is a 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee, six months for commercial use and the bag has a warranty of six months, three months for commercial use. Delivery is free.

Handy wheeled chipper vac
Versatile: Handy wheeled chipper vac

Now a top quality machine suitable for domestic and commercial use, again from a very popular manufacturer.
The Handy Pro THPWBBV Petrol Shredder Vacuum has been designed to handle tough clearing tasks with a Briggs & Stratton engine engineered to use less fuel with excellent power and fewer emissions.
This machine has a working width of 60 cm and additionally a special chipper chute for dealing with thicker twigs and small branches up to 7.5 cm diameter.
This shreds more substantial material and sends it to the collection bag so it is ready for the compost pile.
The bag will hold 100 litres.
This is a self-propelled machine with two forward and one reverse gears and combined with a single wheel at the front makes it very easy to use.
This one costs £799 and delivery is free.
Now another from Billy Goat which is currently on special offer.

Billy Goat leaf vac
Special Offer: Billy Goat leaf vac

The Billy Goat KV600SP Estate Series Lawn Vacuum with Rear-Wheel Drive and On-Board Hose Kit 891125 has a rear wheel drive which comes in handy on slippery areas and slopes.
It is designed so that as the bag fills the extra weight goes through to the rear wheels which provides extra traction.
It has a five bladed impellor to give better suction and pack in the debris collected.
The power comes from a 6 hp Briggs & Stratton engine with a 27 in working width and a massive 282 litre turf collection bag to minimise dust.
It has large 12 in wheels and the working height can be easily adjusted.
You can buy hose kit which is also on special offer at the moment.
Buy now and you can save over £330 on the maker’s recommended price as this top quality machine is on sale for £1328.
Delivery is free the next working day, the machine is guaranteed for 12 months, six months for commercial use and the collection bag is guaranteed for six months, three months commercial.
Replacement bags are £129, a castor kit for better manoeuvrability on hard surfaces is £119 and a nozzle plate to protect against wear on hard surfaces is £39.

MTD wheeled shredder vac
Versatility: MTD wheeled shredder vac

If you want a really versatile machine then the MTD 202D Self-Propelled Shredder-Chipper-Vac could be for you.
As well as working as a vacuum on hard surfaces and lawns it can be used as a chipper where branches up to 5 cm can be dealt with and converted to a useful mulch.
At the heart of the shredder – chipper part of the machine are six heavy duty flail hammers.
When used as a vac the leaves and debris are sucked through hardened steel blades and reduced to a handy garden mulch.
It has a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and is a self-propelled machine to make driving it easier.
This model costs £1199 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £1199 and delivery us free. An optional hose kit is also available for £199.

Billy Goat leaf vac
Billy Goat leaf vac

The Billy Goat KV650SPH Estate Series Lawn Vacuum with Rear-Wheel Drive is a really top class machine from this leading manufacturer.
It has a rear wheel drive which gives better traction the more the collection bag is filled.
This is a perfect machine and will tackle slopes with ease. It has 12 in pneumatic tyres and the height adjustment is simple to use.
With a collection bag of 282 litres you can keep going for longer periods.
And it’s not just leaves and twigs which the Billy Goat feeds on for it also gobble up bottles and cans.
It has a steel impellor with five blades to really pack the debris in.
You can buy this machine now for £1280, a saving of £320 on the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Delivery is free the next working day ad there is a 12 month domestic guarantee, six months for commercial use and a six month guarantee for the collection bag, three months for commercial use.
There are also special prices on the on-board hose kit, replacement bags, castor kit and nozzle protection plate.

Billy Goat Quiet Vac
Shhh! Billy Goat Quiet Vac

If noisy machinery could be an issue when clearing up then the Billy Goat QV550 QuietVac Outdoor Vacuum (Push) could be what you need.
This is a perfect machine for working on both lawns and hard surfaces with a six bladed tough steel impellor with a special housing to handle heavier items which are picked up and deposited in the 225 litre collection bag. It is especially good in dry and dusty conditions.
Organic waste like leaves are shredded to a twelfth their original volume.
It has front castor wheels for easy control and a Briggs & Stratton 205 cc engine gives loads of power and is easy to start.
The height is adjustable making it suitable for all sorts of surfaces.
It costs £1938 compared with the manufacturer’s £2280.
The Billy Goat MV650-SPH Multi Vac Outdoor Vacuum (Self-Propelled) is similar to the 540 SPH model but is self propelled with three gears and designed for larger areas.
It costs £1250 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £2500 and has similar special offers on extra, spares and attachments.

Eliet Caleleon wheeled vac
For the professional: Eliet Caleleon wheeled vac

And finally a top machine for commercial use and on large commercial estates, the Eliet Cameleon Light Petrol Wheeled-Vacuum.
There is a front castor wheel and four other wheels with pneumatic tyres and the suction nozzle is controlled using a steering arm for accurate work.
Power is from a 5.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine.
It has a shredder with a heavy steel impellor designed to deal with bottles and cans. The collector can take 700 litres and is easily emptied.
It costs £2999 and is delivered free.
With a scorching weekend in prospect for some of us, you may have noticed dead leaves starting to fall and where there are just a few at the moment they will become a major nuisance in the weeks to come as they must be cleared to allow moisture and light through to lawns and borders.
If you don’t need anything as serious as a leaf vac then take a look at our site for the large range of leaf clearing equipment available.
And if in doubt please ring our team on 08454 588905.

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