Raise the cutting height of lawn mowers in September

Raise the cutting height of lawn mowers in September
    As the summer starts to fade away to autumn, green-fingered Brits will be well aware that there are an increasing range of activities to be getting on with outdoors.

During September, many different parts of the garden will be receiving various degrees of attention – not least of which is the lawn.

As the sun is not expected to be out for as long, it will really pay off to allow the grass to grow to slightly taller lengths than would have been the case in summer.

In an article for the Guardian, professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson underlined the fact that: "The grass will be slowing down with cooler nights and diminishing light."

He advised people: "Raise the height of the cut but keep things neat" – and many of the products on offer from MowDIRECT are ideal for this purpose.

The Oleo-Mac G48-PK Petrol Push Lawn Mower is available for just £189 and features an independent cutting height adjustment that ranges from 28 mm to 75 mm – so you can dictate the length of the trim yourself.

In fact, this model is positively bursting with features – all at the same time as being a smooth running, fuel efficient design that is low on emissions and high on economy.

Alternatively, the Masport Rotarola SP Rear Roller Lawnmower boasts a 46 cm wide cut at an adjustable height between 15 mm and 60 mm.

This is a tough and hard-wearing machine with an aerodynamic corrosion-resistant aluminium deck – and it is currently on offer at MowDIRECT for £579 – down from the RRP of £649.

If cost is not an issue, then it could be well worth considering a look at the Hayter Harrier 56 Pro Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawn Mower, which is also discounted at MowDIRECT – down from £1199 to just £985.

The centrally-adjusted height-of-cut alternates between 13 mm and 60 mm – and this premium-quality commercial-grade machine is ideal for the professional user who is looking for a powerful and dependable piece of kit.

All of these models are featured in our top 40 petrol lawn mower deals, which are some of our top models and are all at guaranteed best prices.

Mr Pearson underlined the fact that the coming autumn temperatures will lead to other tasks being necessary around the garden.

"Enjoy the scatter of autumn leaves and pick them up with the box on the mower until they become so thick they need to be raked," he advised.

"Chopped-up leaves and grass cuttings are ideal fodder for the compost heap," the expert continued, adding: "Make sure your ground is clean and weed free. Over-sow bare patches in the lawn – prick the ground over first – and cover freshly sown seed with fleece to accelerate germination.

"Keep off a newly sown lawn until it starts into growth next spring. Turf can be used within six to eight weeks and can be laid until the end of October."

It is also worth keeping an eye on weather reports, should any early frosts be around the corner.

If they are, it could be a good idea to mulch around soil to protect plants from damage. Many chippers or shredders can recycle garden waste into this valuable substance. Click here to browse our extensive range of these tools.

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