Get a head start on gardening with spring bulbs

Get a head start on gardening with spring bulbs
    Gardeners are undoubtedly disappointed with the changeable weather we've been having in the UK, but they need not despair.

While the prospects for spending some quality time in the garden aren't looking great, green fingered enthusiasts can use sporadic bursts of sunshine to get ahead on next year's planting.

Indeed, this is the advice of Hannah Stephenson, who urged gardeners not to get down in the dumps about their summer pots and "bite the bullet".

She suggested binning the bedding for this season's plants and getting the drop on next spring by filling the empty containers with bulbs.

"Bulbs often do better in containers than in the ground, as you can control drainage better and plant them in gritty compost which gives them more chance of success," Ms Stephenson explained.

She went on to recommend daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths as some great options for those looking to plant before the end of September.

Similarly, the expert pointed to tulips as a good option for October and November, as the cold weather enables them to better-develop their roots.

Ms Stephenson urged gardeners not to shy away from dabbling with bigger bulbs in their pots and advocated using crown imperials, which she suggested look great when planted in groups of three.

Now could also be a great time for householders to concentrate on their exterior design, a facet of decoration that is often overlooked, according to one expert.

Sara corker, director of Sara Corker Designs recently highlighted the importance of first impressions and noted that a house's exterior and garden are often the two things seen first by visitors.

For homeowners looking to tidy up outdoors, she recommended concentrating on the guttering, downpipes and soffit boards – which can often be neglected.

"Making sure that broken guttering, soffit board and downpipes are mended or replaced and is debris cleared will stop this from happening and keep your property maintained," Ms Corker explained.

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