Great special offers on Greenworks cordless garden machinery

Battery technology has moved at such a pace in the last few years that we now accept cars that are powered electronically; and builder’s powerful electric drills are now all powered by rechargeable batteries.
Greenworks, an American company, has now adapted this new technology to produce a range of lightweight garden machinery delivering all the power needed.
Because the equipment is lighter, tasks like cutting hedges and leaf clearing are much less tiring.
And now when you purchase from Greenworks there is a chance to buy other equipment from their range at a special price.

Greenworks cordless lawnmower
No cables: Greenworks cordless lawnmower
The Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower is light to use and will run for 40 minutes continuously and that is plenty to cut a small to medium sized lawn.
With a 41 cm cutting width and a choice of seven cutting heights it can deliver the performance of a conventional petrol or electric mower but with no fumes, little noise and no cables.
And there is a mulch plug so you can return the clippings to the lawn should you wish.
It weighs half as much as the average petrol mower, is very easy to use around flower beds and along edges and has a battery charge indicator.
But if you buy this mower there is the option to buy other items from the range at very special prices.
The 40 volt cordless chainsaw costs £69, the 40 volt hedgetrimmer is £59, the 40 volt leafblower, £39, and the 40 volt strimmer, £59. You can also buy 240 volt hedgetrimmers, strimmer/edger, and leafblower and two 240 volt chainsaws with different lengths of cutter bars.
These prices do not include the battery or charger.
Additional 40 volt batteries are £119 and the charger is £25. Extra 240 volt batteries are £69 and a 240 volt charger is £35.
On all Greenworks range there is a three year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
The cordless mower costs £229, and that’s £100 off the maker’s recommended price.
Have a look at our site for full details of the complete Greenworks range.

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