Gardeners cultivate roses in adverse conditions

Gardeners cultivate roses in adverse conditions
    Many things can motivate green-fingered Brits to get to work with their garden equipment, but some appear to love a challenge a little more than others.

The Daily Telegraph reports that two plots at Haringey's Golf Course allotments were found to be completely unworkable by three previous owners who failed to coax anything out of certain areas.

They were cited as being particularly difficult to work with – being shaded by two large, mature oak trees.

However, George Dunnion and Serge Charles combined their enthusiasm and keen horticultural skills to produce a spectacular garden of roses.

These flowers do require a particular amount of attention – and chartered landscape architect and garden writer Bunny Guinness recently told the Daily Telegraph pruning is advisable.

Susan Bennett, who nominated the pair for the Gardening Against The Odds awards, told the paper: "Their love for the rose shines through and can be heard in their voices and seen on their faces as they describe the flowers' virtues."

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