UK designers create Gardens by the Bay

A team of gardeners and architects from the UK have played a key role in the delivery of a new "super garden" in Singapore.

The 134-acre £500 million project features 18 50-metre-tall manmade trees and an array of plants and flowers, with the project being spearheaded by Somerset-based landscape architecture firm Grant Associates.

A 65ft aerial walkway has been erected between the structures to allow visitors to enjoy a birds-eye view of the stunning gardens.

Grant Associates director Andrew Grant said: "Our brief for Gardens by the Bay was to create the most amazing tropical gardens in the world, incorporating cutting-edge environmental design and sustainable development principles."

Meanwhile, gardeners across Somerset have been urged to open their outside spaces to members of the public as part of the National Gardens Scheme.

The initiative aims to put on display some of the most beautiful and idyllic private gardens in the area, with the scheme hoping to attract thousands of keen visitors in 2012.

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