Garden spreaders make caring for lawns easier and quicker

Lawns, like other plants, need care and attention to flourish and need fertilizers and other garden chemicals to promote growth and eliminate weeds and moss.
But to apply these you need a proper garden spreader and we have developed our own MD spreaders range to help you spread fertilizers evenly and quickly.

MD drop spreader
MD drop spreader
The first is the simplest little machine MD 60LB Drop Spreader with a corrosion proof hopper and a 27 kg capacity.
As well as spreading fertilizers it can also be used if you have an area of bare earth which needs seeding.
It works by dropping the material directly from the hopper and is designed to give an even spread. A feed control on the handlebar lets you deposit exactly the amount of material you want to and avoids waste.
It has a 22 in width and is ideal for smaller and medium sized lawns and can also be used in the winter with salt and ice melts.
This neat little machine costs just £49.95.
MD 80P spreader
MD 80P spreader
Another walk behind machine is the MD 80P Walk-Behind Spreader and with its 80 lb hopper is ideal for medium to larger sized lawns.
The flow rate is easily adjusted with a lever on the handlebars and it gives a spreading width of up to three metres.
It has a powder-coated metal frame and there is a hopper screen to assist with even spreading and eliminate clogging.
You would normally expect to pay £129.95 for a machine like this but we have it for sale for £79.95 and that includes next working day delivery.
There is also a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.
MD 80T towable spreader
MD 80T towable spreader
If you have a ride-on or garden tractor then a tow-behind spreader will save you hours of time and the MD 80T Towable Broadcast Spreader is a real value for money piece of garden machinery.
It has a polypropylene hopper which can take 36 kg and is really efficient.
The material to be spread is released on to a spinning disc and distributed up to a width of 3.6 metres. Nylon gears ensure protection from corrosion and contribute to a longer life.
The rate of spread is controlled by a lever which lets you regulate the amount of material you are using – you can reach this from the driving seat.
The steel frame is powder coated for a longer life and there is a cover to protect the material in the hopper from the elements.
It has heavy duty tyres for better grip and a long tow bar with hitch pin.
This spreader comes delivered free the next working day, has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and costs only £79.95.
MD 176T towable spreader
MD 176T towable spreader
And the top of the range of the MD spreaders is the MD 176T Towed Broadcast Spreader with a large hopper which can take 80 kg.
It can spread from 3 to 3.6 metres and is designed for larger lawns and gardens, visitor attractions and college grounds.
Solidly built with a powder coated steel frame it too has wide pneumatic tyres for easier working when the grounds are slippery.
A simple lever controls the amount of material you want to spread.
It will work with any make of ride-on or garden tractor and there is a pin and hole type tow bar.
As well as fertilizers it can also spread salt and ice melts in the winter to keep paths and parking areas safe.
This spreader costs £149, delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.
Browse of site where you can see an extensive range of garden spreaders.

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