Gardening ‘makes you feel good inside’

There are many benefits gardening can bring, not least of which is an enormous sense of personal satisfaction.

Speaking to the Western Morning News, celebrity gardener and regular participant on the BBC's Gardeners' Question Time Pippa Greenwood asserted that it is tremendously fulfilling as a pastime.

"Being outdoors and active makes you feel physically good, but gardening makes you feel good inside," the expert remarked.

She explained that it can really help an individual to empty their mind of anything that is troubling them.

Furthermore, a real sense of personal achievement comes with the psychological feel good factor, whether it is sitting back and admiring the completed handiwork or raising something from seed by hand.

Indeed, celebrities such as Sir Ben Kingsley, Judy Dench, Ricky Gervais and Pixie Lott – as well as celebrity gardeners like Alan Titchmarsh – lent their support to a campaign promoting the importance of gardening at the recent Chelsea Flower Show because of how much satisfaction people can gain from the task.

The initiative is entitled Pot Art and is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society, which hopes to raise awareness and enthusiasm for gardening among young people up and down the UK in particular.

Ms Greenwood added that another benefit gardening offers is accessibility – anyone can get involved, no matter how much or how little green space is available.

"You can garden in any space," she remarked, adding: "You can create something lovely even on a pokey balcony or in a tiny back yard, or even in window boxes. Your garden may not be as big as you would like, but there really is no such thing as a garden that is too small."

She also encouraged novices to pick up some garden equipment and get to work, as it isn't that difficult and any failures can be educational.

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