Mountfield lawnmowers at very special prices

That odd yellow thing in the sky at the weekend has certainly made the grass grow quickly and many of you will have realised that what you really need is a new lawn mower.
We have a special relationship with Mountfield, as we are their official on-line partner able to secure some excellent deals.
So here are three from our web pages which you should consider.

Mountfield SP536 lawnmower
Mountfield SP536 lawnmower

The first, the Mountfield SP536 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is an exclusive special offer, in fact we don’t think you will be able to beat it for its really high specifications at this price.
It has a cutting width of 51 cm and a 160 cc easy to start engine which uses very little fuel.
There is a 60 litre grass box and cutting heights between 25 and 75 mm so you can mow smooth lawns and tackle the rougher grassy areas.
Large ball bearing mounted wheels help you move around more easily and the steel deck is powder coated for a longer life.
You would normally expect to pay £449 for this machine, but we have it for sale for £299, an exceptional price for such a high quality machine.
It has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and comes delivered free the next working day.

Mountfield SP465R lawnmower
Mountfield SP465R lawnmower

Another mower at a great price is the Mountfield SP465 Power Driven Petrol Lawn Mower.
This machine has a powerful 135 cc Honda engine, one which has a high reputation for reliability and for being fuel efficient and easy to start.
The steel chassis means it will have a long life and there are six cutting heights from 25 to 75 mm. Cutting width is 46 cm making it ideal for a medium sized lawn.
As an added feature it has a dead man’s handle device for stopping quickly.
This machine is product tested before despatch and there is a £40 reduction on the manufacturer’s recommended price of £539.

Mountfield SP505 lawnmowe
Mountfield SP505 lawnmower

But if you have more challenging tasks have a look at the Mountfield SP505 Power Driven Combi Lawn Mower with a Honda engine.
This is a truly rugged machine and offers you the option of collecting the grass in a 70 litre grass box, mulching it or discharging it at the back.
The Honda engine is very easy to start and very reliable. And the 48 cm cutting width makes it ideal to tackle larger lawns.
It has nine cutting height options and there is an aluminium deck which has a 20 year guarantee against corrosion.
This mower has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and is delivered free the next working day.
It costs £400, and that’s £60 less than the maker’s recommended retail price.

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