New and exclusive garden tractor range at amazing prices

Most gardeners secretly crave a proper garden tractor and we have produced three smashing machines designed as real tractors not just ride-ons.
All are at unbeatable prices and have a host of special deals on extras to prolong the use of the machine throughout the gardening year.

MD Sprint
MD Sprint
First is the MD Sprint Lawn & Garden Tractor built for gardens of around two acres in mind.
It has variable speed drive in each of its seven gears and excellent manoeuvrability and is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine designed for a long life.
It works brilliantly when cutting lawns as it has a high vacuum deck and is fan assisted for better grass collection.
If you remover the grass box a deflector flap lets you cut through taller, rougher grass.
A steel body gives added strength and durability and there are even twin headlights for working in the dusk.
But this is a real garden tractor so you will want to use it as widely as possible and there are special offers on a tipping trailer, towed roller, broadcast spreader and dethatcher only available when buying this MD machine.
You would normally expect to pay £1899 for this garden tractor but we have it for just £1499.
And what’s more, with this you receive £100 worth of Wolf-Garten hand tools absolutely free.
There is a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery within three to five working days.
MD Shuttle
MD Shuttle
The second machine in our exclusive range is the MD Shuttle Lawn & Garden Tractor.
Made for larger lawns and gardens it is designed to let you change gears on the go and combines clutch and brake in one pedal for easier driving.
There are six forward and six reverse gears so you can regulate the speed according to the task being undertaken. It also has a really good turning circle – just 46 cm – for getting round tighter areas and saving time.
A steel frame and reliable engine contribute to this long lasting garden tractor.
Buy this machine and you can order a steel tipping trailer, mulching kit and a rear deflector at very special prices.
Plus you receive £100 worth of Wolf-Garten hand tools completely free.
This model costs £1799, and that’s £300 less than the price you would normally be expected to pay.
Delivery is free within three to five working days and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
MD Estate
MD Estate
And top of the range is the MD Estate Lawn & Garden Tractor designed for lawns of gardens of around two and a half acres.
This is a true garden tractor as it will not only give a professional cut to the lawn but can help on a host of other tasks like ground levelling, clearing leaves and pulling trailers.
There is a clever grass box to pack the cuttings in thanks to high lift mowing blades and a special chute. It will even work when the grass is wet.
Cutting heights are very easy to change and there is a comfortable seat which is also adjustable.
There are seven forward and seven reverse gears and disc brakes.
Again there are several attachments you can buy at special prices including a steel tipping trailer, mulch kit and optional rear grass deflector.
Plus there are £100 worth of Wolf-Garten tolls completely free.
Thus model is £1999, a full £500 off the usual recommended price, there is free delivery within three to five working days and a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

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