More Brits gardening than ever before

More Brits gardening than ever before
    The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has revealed it has recruited more new members than ever before in the past year.

This means more Brits are picking up their garden tools and getting to work outdoors, a fact the charity intends to celebrate.

It will be opening two new centres in Scotland and Yorkshire, representing part of a £27 million investment in encouraging awareness of the positive effects gardening can have.

Indeed, a report launched by secretary of state Caroline Spellman revealed there are a range of benefits the activity offers in the way of an individual's general health and wellbeing.

Director-general of the RHS Sue Biggs attributed the increasing uptake of gardening to a nationwide desire to go back to nature in challenging times.

She added that the investment will be used to "fuel this growing appetite for gardening and increasing our national presence to help millions more people garden".

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