Landscape artist to create inspirational new garden

Landscape artist to create inspirational new garden
    A new garden is being prepared by noted landscape artist Alan Gardner, with a particular emphasis being placed on the quality of its grass.

It is being created in collaboration with turf specialists Lindum in time for the forthcoming Chelsea Flower Show 2012.

The area will form part of a brand new category for the event entitled Fresh Gardens, which encourages original approaches and innovative use of materials.

Green-fingered Brits will want to keep an eye on the development of the project, as it could be a significant source of inspiration for when they prepare their own green spaces.

Lindum are providing special low maintenance grass that is created using a mixture of drought-tolerant and slow-growing seeds.

It incorporates Hard Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue and Crested Hairgrass and forms a fine felt mat feel.

Household gardeners will be able to recreate this look by keeping their areas trim with the aid of a lawn mower.

While this project will no doubt benefit from the specialist turf, this is not accessible to everyone, although there are plenty of other ways for people to combat excessively dry conditions.

Soil cultivation involves digging large quantities of organic matter into the earth, which can include anything from compost to manure.

MowDIRECT offers a wide range of cultivators and tillers that offer great value for money and are ideal for the completion of this task.

Mr Gardner claimed his project – entitled Out of the Blue – "creates a calm, Zen-like roof garden that is both perfect to relax in and is environmentally sound".

"My designs are all about simplicity with a twist," he commented, explaining he achieved biodiversity with careful planning.

"The polypropylene string structure contrasts sharply with the natural form of the planting and creates shade. With 360 degree access to this garden, visitors will be able to view it from many different perspectives throughout the day."

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