Carts and trailers which can save hours of work in the garden spring clean

As the days gradually get longer we’re starting to realise that there is a load of work to be done in the beds and around the edges of the garden and a garden cart or trolley can make life so much easier.
The Einhell 80L Garden Cart is perfect for helping getting rid of weeds and leaves and prunings.
It can also be lined with a heavy duty refuse sack if you want to take the cuttings to a local refuse tip, has a wide opening is light and easy to push around.
And at just £24.95 it is a real value for money answer to helping get rid of garden debris.

Handy garden trolley
Handy garden trolley

If you want a garden trolley which is easier to use than an ordinary wheelbarrow then think about the small Handy Garden Trolley which has a capacity of 200 kg.
With pneumatic wheels and turnable steering it is easy to move around the garden and will take far more than the good old barrow.
This smashing little garden accessory costs just £89.95, £10 off the manufacturer’s recommended price and will be one of the best buys you could ever make.
Those of you lucky enough to have a garden where you need a garden tractor will save hours of time if you have a proper garden trailer.
A truly versatile little cart is the Garden Pride Tow/Push Dump Cart, currently on special offer for just £119, £80 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
This garden cart can be towed behind a ride-on mower or be used as a wheeled cart.
The body is made of rust free poly and there is a slanted back to make it easy to tip.
Large pneumatic tyres mean it is easy to move around when pushing and because it is made of poly it is light in weight. The cart can carry 272 kg.

Garden Pride steel trailer
Garden Pride steel trailer

But if you are looking for a real sturdy garden trailer suitable for a huge range of tasks then the Garden Pride Heavy-duty Steel Tipping Trailer is what you need.
And what’s more it is on special offer at the moment at £229, that’s £170 off the normal retail price.
This trailer is very sturdily built with a large area and has a capacity of 680 kg.
As well as being invaluable for use in larger gardens it is also ideal for stables, parks and campsites which need to haul materials and equipment around.
The trailer is 155cm long, 92 cm wide and has a depth of 36 cm.
And it also has a tail gate which can be easily removed so you can dump the whole load at once.
Large pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth ride on rough ground.

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