Keep the garden tidy even after the gales

You may have thought that you have dealt with all the falling leaves a few weeks ago, but the recent gales have searched out the odd pile hidden against fences and under hedges.
So you could well be faced with another few clumps of leaves and twigs which have miraculously appeared on the lawn and in the drive.

MD Sweep 26 leaf sweeper
MD Sweep 26 leaf sweeper
Our neat little MD Sweep 26 is the perfect machine for dealing with these; indeed it is the main prize in the NFU magazine British Farmer and Grower this month.
The leaf sweeper is the perfect answer for clearing lawns and drives, paths and barns and tennis courts and is much easier on the back than hours of raking and brushing.
Rotating brushes sweep leaves and all sorts of debris into the large collector as you push it along. And the height can be easily adjusted depending on whether you are clearing leaves from the lawn or debris from a patio or barn.
The collector at the back is very easily removed for emptying the leaves and other garden debris on to the compost heap.

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