Gardening modernisation planned for 2012

Gardening modernisation planned for 2012
    Gardeners may wish to ensure they have the very latest lawn mowers if they wish to keep up with the most recent modern developments in the field.

If they take such measures they will not be the only ones, as the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has announced an innovation and investment programme for 2012.

The charity organisation claims this is set to be the most extensive programme of investment in its history.

It is hoped this will allow the body to evolve and help educate and inspire millions of Brits to pick up garden tools and nurture a greater appreciation of nature.

A fundraising campaign with a target of £9 million will be held to raise cash for the venture, in addition to £18 million raised from the RHS' own resources.

The latter revenue was generated by granting Westminster school a 999-year lease on the organisation's Lawrence Hall and Conference Centre in London.

Greater accessibility for more people is another of the goals of the modernisation regime.

One of the specific schemes is further investment in the RHS Garden in Wisley, Surrey, where more space will be created in order to nurture rare and unusual plants.

Mulching could be required to maintain this in the colder seasons and MowDIRECT offers a range of chippers and shredders that turn garden waste into this valuable substance, which could be of benefit to this project.

"Our plans will help transform communities, add much-needed scientific knowledge and safeguard horticulture for the benefit of future generations and the environment. If you care about our planet, you should care about plants and that's why we want everyone to share the best in gardening," commented director-general of the RHS Sue Biggs.

"We believe passionately in the need to invest in the future of horticulture," she concluded.

Next year could be a good one for green investment, as the Olympic Park is the source of major government funding and its opening – planned for August – is said to be one of the main events of the gardening calendar in 2012.

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