Yorkshire gardeners could help save lives

Yorkshire gardeners could help save lives
    Homeowners in Yorkshire could help save lives by picking up their garden equipment and setting to work getting their lawns, hedges and flowerbeds into the best possible shape.

This is because award-winning garden designer and television presenter Chris Beardshaw and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) have called on people to sign up to the Open Gardens initiative, Harrogate News reports.

Anyone with a beautiful or interesting garden in the county can reveal what is behind their gates for one day in spring and summer 2012 in order to help raise funds for the scheme, in addition to allowing others to enjoy their handiwork with garden tools.

The money will be donated to the RNLI in order to allow volunteer lifeboat crews and lifeguards to carry on working.

A minimum donation will be expected of every visitor to a garden, which along with the grassy areas being well-presented is the only requirement.

Advice, publicity and support for the campaign will be undertaken by the RNLI and interesting planting arrangements and beautifully designed spaces are said to be particularly welcome.

Mr Beardshaw encouraged anyone interested in participating to contact an RNLI co-ordinator for an informal discussion about the project.

"Obviously to be successful, Open Gardens relies on the willingness of you hardworking gardeners to reveal the fruits of your labours," the expert told the local newspaper.

"I'm particularly keen on this opportunity as the hard work that all gardeners have to put in can be appreciated, in the knowledge that the RNLI will also benefit," he remarked.

Another positive impact gardeners could make to other people's lives is to turn their space into a sustainable area that helps find climate change.

The Tree Council recently announced National Tree Week, which will take place from November 26th to December 4th and is being used as a platform to encourage plantation. 

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