New electric powered chainsaw with 45cm guide bar!

New electric powered chainsaw with 45cm guide bar!
    Mow DIRECT are offering an expert chainsaw for only £89 in the form of the Sanli CE2200 Electric Chainsaw.

This unit has a whole host of high end features despite the low price, such as 45cm chain bar – which electric chainsaws rarely have – and an auto chain tensioning dial, which stops the chain snapping while it is being used.

There’s also a bar cover and the unit has a two-year domestic warranty, a handy guarantee for those thinking of buying this little beauty.

Reassuringly, safety is also catered for with a robust hand guard, which also works as a chain break, making the operator feel even more protected.

If that wasn’t enough, the powerful electric motor gives a chain speed of 13.5m per second, making it just as useful as a petrol variety without the emissions and noise.

Shoppers can also choose to purchase a number of additional items to go with the chainsaw, such as an MD basic saw horse (£29.95), a spare 18” chain loop (£24.95) and one litre specialist chain oil (£4.95).

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