Treat soil to the Husqvarna T50RS Petrol Cultivator

Treat soil to the Husqvarna T50RS Petrol Cultivator
    If you want to churn up soil in your outdoor area the perfect tool to do it with could well be the Husqvarna T50RS Petrol Cultivator.

The unit is perfect for people who want a professional build quality, yet do not require a commercial grade engine for day-to-day use.

Instead, it is powered by a highly reliable 126cc Robin Subaru EX13 OHC engine, which is sure to put gardeners' minds at ease!

It's also easy to control and highly manoeuvrable as it has a handlebar mounted gear selection and reverse gear.

Gardeners will also find that the machine is easy and quick to maintain thanks to its lubrication nipple and detachable transmission housing, which both help the unit to last longer.

There are also a host of other desirable features, like a transport wheel which allows it to be easily moved around areas and a 60cm working width, allowing users to cover big areas with each pass.

If that wasn't enough reason to purchase it, the news that it only costs £619 form Mow DIRECT will be!

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