Our special offer to keep lawns looking their best

Well, we asked for the rain and now we’ve got it, and too much in some areas. Lawns love it, but so do weeds in the flower beds and vegetable garden and the garden hoe is currently having its finest hour!

But lawns not only need regular mowing but other work as well to keep down mossy patches and dead grass. Scarifiers are an absolute essential if you have anything other than a very small patch of lawn and with grass growing so quickly there will be some lawns which could do with a spring-clean – even in high summer. Lawns need scarifing every four to six weeks, preferably on a dry day to keep them looking at their best.

We currently have one of the best deals on scarifiers we have ever been able to offer. The Einhell BG-SC 2240P has a recommended retail price of £479.95 but is on offer for just £279.95 and even the most mathematically challenged can work out that this is a massive saving of £200! The machine is more than £100 cheaper than any equivalent model and yet is engineered in Germany has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. It has 36 steel blades and a 45 litre catcher and is powered by a 118cc petrol engine so you can easily take it to the furthest reaches of the lawn without worrying about electric cables. And it has six height settings enabling you to make adjustments to suit your particular lawn. The larger wheels make it very manoeuvrable and it has a 40 cm working width. And like all other products you will see in our site, delivery is free and in thiscase on  the next working day.

If you need any more help just call our sales team on 08454 588905.

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