Get set for summer with our Garden Sprayer range

Get set for summer with our Garden Sprayer range
    As summer continues and the weather begins to get hotter, gardeners thoughts turn towards buying a garden sprayer to nourish their lawns.

Luckily, people can get their hands on a variety of these items from Mow DIRECT, with backpack, hand pump, wheeled garden sprayers, tow behind chemical sprayers and pressure sprayers all available from a variety of manufacturers.

Some may find that the Solo 461 hand-held high pressure garden sprayer is the instrument of choice for them.

This expert unit only costs £35 and is a five-litre model.

Those after a garden sprayer with a larger capacity can try the Solo 462 hand-held high pressure garden sprayer (£45), which can hold 7.5 litres of liquid.

Alternatively, large gardens will be suited to the Al-Ko A300 Aquatrolley, which features large diameter wheels so that it can be easily manoeuvred.

Gardeners using this machine won't have the hassle of attaching it to a mains power outlet as it is operated by a 12v rechargeable battery.

It also comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty and free next working day delivery, all for only £149.95!

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