Use the Mowbot 200DL Automatic Robot Lawn Mower

Use the Mowbot 200DL Automatic Robot Lawn Mower
    Homeowners with large grounds or professional gardeners can make the maintenance of land easy with the Mowbot 200DL Automatic Robot Lawn Mower.

Those with large grounds to look after will be pleased to hear that the machine can effortlessly tackle lawns of up to 2600 m2.

In addition, the automatic unit has a 30cm blade, which will easily slice through even the toughest grass.

Slopes present no problem for this elite unit either – it can tackle grounds as steep as 27 degrees while maintaining its impressive strength and speed.

Users will also benefit from the mower's additional features, which include Rain Sensors, Automatic Blade Speed and a security pin.

In addition, the mower has exceptional longevity, being able to last between two and three hours before it returns itself to its charging station, with no effort required from the gardener.

This product is available for only £1,898.99 and comes boxed with a two year manufacturer's warranty.

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