Tidying up Lawn Edges & Rough Grass Areas

Most of us have by now given the lawn its first trim having either bought a new mower or serviced and restarted the faithful old one from the back of the shed.

Don’t forget to clean your mower after use to prolong its life.

Here at Mowdirect we often service mowers which are totally clogged with grass clippings making them less efficient and causing unnecessary increased wear.

With the sun now making a welcome appearance in most parts of the country, lawns have had their first trim and you can lower the cutter blades the next time to achieve that neat, fresh cut look.

But the one thing which shows off a well trimmed lawn more than anything is a well cut sharp edge. This used to be achieved with long handled sheers which is a back-breaking job.

But there is now a massive range of grass trimmers and brushcutters which will achieve all these tasks from the edges of small city lawns to rough grass around orchards and estate gardens.

Many of you will have seen that we have an agreement to sell a unique range of Einhell mowers, and they have proved to be so popular that we have ordered another container to keep up with demand.

We also have an agreement to sell their strimmers and brushcutters giving a German engineered product at an unbeatable price.

The Einhell BG-PC brushcutter is an easy-to-start machine suitable for difficult areas around paths and trees where the grass is a little tougher and does not need to be trimmed to the same finish as the lawn.

You can use it with the nylon strimming thread or a 23 cm blade for rougher areas. The cost of this truly powerful machine is just £149.95 including delivery making this an outstanding aid to any gardener.

We also have the smaller model, the BG-PT 3041 with the same performance but without the cutting blade which makes it ideal for the larger lawn. This comes with the same next working day delivery and two years manufacturer’s warranty.

If you live in a built-up area we have a wide range of electric strimmers which are powerful enough to cope with smaller lawns but can still deliver that sharp lawn edge which sets off your flower beds.

Bosch produce a wide range of strimmers which fit the bill.

Their ART23 Combitrim has an extra strong line and can be tilted for cutting under bushes and overhanging shrubs. It also has an adjustable handle and a powerful 400W motor.

This grass trimmer costs just £34.95 and can be delivered the next working day. All Bosh machines have a full two year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a house with an estate type garden we have wheeled strimmers and field brush mowers to tackle the biggest and toughest tasks.

We sell range by DR who were the original manufacturer of this type of machine. The DR Sprint 5.5hp TRM055M, is lightweight and precise making it ideal for all larger gardens. As well as nylon cord it has an optional blade attachment for thick brush and you can even buy an attachment which will drill holes for planting bulbs!

This powerful machine is just £465.

But we think one of the best and most versatile machines is a strimmer and brushcutter which doubles as a cultivator.

The RYOBI RBC30SES-AQTT is lightweight, yet powerful, can be used in the Spring and winter to cultivate the flower beds and vegetable gardens and in the summer to trim lawn edges and tackle tougher grassy areas.

This great two-in-one machine represents excellent value for money at only £179.95 and is a great innovation for any gardener.

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