New Chainsaws for Winter 2008: Victus Chainsaws

As mentioned elsewhere on this Blog, we really like this new range of chainsaws from Victus. They seem to offer everything you need with models available for both the occasional home user and more regular operators such as farmers or contract gardeners. In this post we shall explain in greater detail what it is you should be looking for in a chainsaw and how we believe these chainsaws really do fit the bill.

One of the first issues you will need to consider is the power of the chain saw that will best match your needs. This is going depend very much on the frequency with which you intend to use it. The more power you have the faster you’re going to get the job done as the saw will power its way through logs a lot quicker with a larger-sized engine. The drawback of course is that the more power your chainsaw possesses the heavier – and more expensive – it will be. If you’re only going to use your new chainsaw very occasionally, a lightweight petrol chainsaw around 35cc such as the Victus VT36 should be more than adequate for your needs. This model has a 14″ guide bar which should be ok for most logs intended for the wood burner or fire. (Keep in mind that the log you are sawing can be turned and the guide bar only actually needs to reach the centre of the log – although you wouldn’t want to be sawing too many 28″ diameter logs with a chainsaw this size!) For the more regular home user we would recommend the Victus VT40 Petrol Chainsaw which has a more powerful 39cc engine for a faster work rate and a larger-sized 16″ guide-bar allowing you to saw a greater range of logs with one pass. If you are a more frequent user and are looking for a chainsaw for around the farm or the estate or if you do contract work then the Victus VT51 Petrol Chain Saw with 49.8cc engine and 18″ guide bar is going to be the model most suited to you.
So what does make a good chainsaw? Easy starting is really important as there’s nothing more frustrating than attempting to fire-up a 2-stroke chainsaw engine on a cold winter morning – and let’s face it, being frustrated is the last thing you want to be when your handling a piece of equipment like this. All Victus chainsaws have inductive type electronic ignitions and single lever choke control with automatic starting position which is deactivated by pulling the lever to full throttle once up and running. It makes starting easy and life easier for you. One of things that really set these chainsaws apart from the competition is the high quality components used in the engine and elsewhere which gives them an Expected Useful Life far in excess of other chainsaws in this price range – including those from leading brands such as Stihl or Husqvarna. Comfort is really to the fore with Victus chainsaws and all models feature comprehensive anti-vibration systems which isolate hands and body completely from machine vibration. If you’ve used a chainsaw for any period of time you’ll know just how important this is. Victus chainsaws are of course fully compliant with the latest EU emission rules and were amongst the first chainsaws to achieve this.
Anyone considering purchasing a chainsaw should take safety seriously. If you are a first time user and daunted in any way by the prospect of using this type of machine there are a few things you might keep in mind to ensure safe use of the chainsaw you are about to buy. It is important that you do not attempt to start a petrol chainsaw in a confined space – take the chain saw outdoors first and start it on the ground at the place you intend to work. You need to be are aware at all times of your surroundings, particularly of other people who might be nearby. Only accelerate the engine while cutting. The chainsaw itself should be held firmly with two hands and you should ensure the handles are always kept dry and clean for a firm grip. Position the saw so your body is clear of the line of cut to avoid injury from kickback. Last of all, read the manufacturer’s instructions in full and make sure you understand them before attempting to operate.
Because we take chainsaw safety seriously ourselves, this winter MowDIRECT is providing free chainsaw safety gear with all Victus petrol chainsaws. Amongst the special offers and free gifts you will find ear muffs, chainsaw helmets, gloves and protective leggings all made to professional standards. Hopefully there’s a suitable model and offer that will interest you!

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