New year, new machines, here are ten innovative products to make life in the garden easier

As the UK’s leading garden machinery store, we are constantly expanding our range of goods with new, innovative and exciting products to take advantage of new technologies and engineering developments.

Just as plant breeders come up with new varieties each year and expand their offerings so machinery companies develop and refine their lists, so here are ten new and exciting products for 2018.

Most are aimed at the domestic gardener but some will be of interest to the professional with several gardens to maintain or the estate manager with huge areas under his or her charge.

telescopic pole saw
Sharp operator: CE-UK Stallion telescopic pole saw

The first from our list is this little beast, the CEuk Stallion 3.1m Telescopic Pole-Saw.

Low branches and tough, buried roots can be difficult to chop away, but this tool is the answer.

A really tough steel curved blade is just the job for sawing away roots and branches, with its blade measuring up to 40cm and it can be used for growth up to 26cm in diameter.

It has an adjustable length of between 1.7 metres and 3.1 metres and is light and easy to use thanks to its aluminium shaft.

A sheath to cover the blade is supplied as standard.

The price is £99.95 and we deliver it free of charge within seven days with a one-year warranty.

A spare blade costs £41.95

A lot of garden machinery is now available with the power coming from lithium-ion batteries and this is one of the latest offerings new for 2018.

The Toro PowerPlex 40v Cordless Chainsaw Kit (51138) has a 2.5Ah battery which gives a run time of up to 40 minutes and can be recharged in 60 minutes and will give 40 cuts on one charge.

The guide bar is 35.5cm long and has an indicator so you can keep a check on the cutting process.

Toro Powerplex Chainsaw
Battery power: Toro Powerplex Chainsaw

An automatic chain oiler will keep the chain lubricated and it can be tensioned without using tools and the oil reservoir is transparent so you can keep an eye on the levels.

It has an inertia-operated chain brake and weighs 6.2kg, far lighter than petrol-powered models.

We deliver it free within three days of receiving the order and it has a warranty of three years and costs £289.

Here’s a great little device for keeping paths and patios litter and rubbish free. And it will also prove useful for shop and garage owners.

The Stiga SWP475 Push Sweeper is new for this year and uses the motion of the wheels to drive two spinning brushes.

It has a 75cm sweeping width and so can cover huge areas quickly and efficiently and can clear away debris like leaves and hedge trimmings as well as litter.

The rubber-rimmed tyres give the traction to work the brushes and the working height can be adjusted through eight heights with a dial.

Stiga Push Sweeper
Easy cleaning: Stiga Push Sweeper

It is made from smooth plastic to give it a long life and it won’t corrode and it can be easily cleaned.

It costs £299, £30 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a two-year warranty.

If there’s any piece of equipment currently in demand it’s this, the Briggs & Stratton 3000PX Petrol Pressure-Washer.

Producing a pressure of 207bar and pumping 900 litres of water an hour it is a high-performance machine with a great deal of power in its pump.

Producing that power is a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine, easy to start and reliable with a fuel tank which holds 1.1 litres.

This is a very versatile tool with a nozzle with seven different tips so you can adjust the spray without changing anything.

The pressure is on – Briggs & Stratton 3000PX Pressure Washer

The whole thing is mounted on a tubular steel frame with a handlebar which folds down making it easier to store and move around and it has nine metres of hose.

It costs £579, £50 off the recommended price and we despatch it the next working day for free with a two-year warranty.

This mower, new for this year, is made for people with very large areas of grass to cut and for professional gardeners.

With its 53 cm cutting width, the Weibang Virtue 53 SSD PRO BBC 3-Speed Petrol Lawnmower with Shaft-Drive has a 196cc engine and the shaft transmission will give greater torque and a longer life.

Made with really large lawns in mind, say up to 3000m2, it has a blade brake clutch making it easier to cross gravel and concrete paths and it has three speeds and eight cutting heights from 25mm to 80mm.

And the grass box holds 70 litres.

It has an effective anti-vibration system, and a steel cutting deck designed to withstand the inevitable knocks which professional use sustains.

A Hi-Lift blade and mulch kit are also available.

This sturdy mower costs £749, £100 off the recommended price and is delivered free of charge the next working day with a five-year warranty.

This next mower is a new and updated version of a popular mower for leaving perfect finishes on large areas of lawn – around 3000m2.

Stiga Twinclip Lawnmower
Honda Power: Stige Twinclip 55 Rear Roller Lawnmower

The Stiga Twinclip 55 SHR BBC Rear-Roller Lawnmower (Honda Engine) will equally appeal to professional gardeners and now has a 163cc Honda engine to give very easy starting and a long life.

It is built with a rear roller to leave a striped finish and also has the power to deal with sloping lawns.

Fitted with a blade brake clutch, useful when crossing hard surfaces, it has eight cutting heights from 13mm to 65mm and is built around a steel-aluminium cutting deck.

It has a double-edged blade to chop grass very finely, a grass box which holds 70 litres and quick release handlebars make it easy to transport. A wash post makes cleaning after use and quick and easy job.

The recommended price for this mower is £1149 but we have it for sale for £999 with free delivery the next working day and a five-year warranty.

Next, three new ride-on machines for larger areas.

From a long-established company in the USA, the Snapper ZTX110 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower is powered by a 656cc Briggs & Stratton engine and has been designed to turn on the proverbial sixpence.

It achieves this by combining dual hydrostatic transmission and castor wheels at the front and is controlled by levers rather than a steering wheel.

Snapper Zero Turn Mower
Tight Turns: Snapper Zero Turn Ride-On Mower

Made for lawns up to 10,000m2 it has a 107cm cutting width and for more formal areas you can fit the optional mulch kit.

It is based on a heavy-duty steel chassis and is comfortable to drive for long periods with an adjustable seat and armrests. And it also has a hold in to which you can store other equipment you might need when out and about.

It has 12 cutting heights from 42mm to 92mm and a cutting deck with small wheels to follow the lawns’ contours without scalping it.

It costs £3199, £800 off the recommended price and has a three-year warranty with free delivery within five to seven working days.

The next one is truly revolutionary, a ride-on mower which can handle areas up to 8000m2 power by the latest battery technology.

The Stiga E-Park 220 Electric Ride-On Lawnmower is a joy to use with little or no engine noise and no smelly emissions and no worries about starting.

This lithium-ion powered front-cut ride-on is a global first. It has a cutting width of 95cm and lets you either mulch the cut grass or discharge it to the rear.

Another handy feature is that the cutting deck can be simply flipped up for cleaning and maintenance.


Stiga E-Park Electric Ride-on
Battery-powered ride-on: Stiga E-Park Electric Ride-on

It is easy to drive with, no gears to worry about, and has a spinner on the steering wheel for getting around tight corners.

Cruise control is another handy feature which can be used when cutting large areas and there is a display to show the battery charge.

There is plenty of power to tow garden attachments just like conventional garden tractors and a hitch kit is included. There ten cutting heights from 25mm to 85mm.

This innovative machine costs £6999, £500 off the recommended price and is delivered free of charge within ten working days with a three-year warranty.

Now a new one from another well-respected company, this one made for areas up to 30,000m2.

The Cub Cadet Z1-137 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower is made for intensive use and is very manoeuvrable with its front castor wheels and twin hydrostatic drives to cut around trees and other obstacles.

The power comes from a 747 twin cylinder Kohler engine, fuel injected for excellent fuel-consumption figures and it has a 13-litre fuel tank.

It has no fewer than 17 cutting heights from 26mm to 127mm so it can take on all manner of cutting tasks and has been designed so the grass can be either mulched or discharged to the side.

There is a very comfortable seat with armrests, an adjustable steering column and a cup holder.

cub cadet zero turn
Clever machine: Cub Cadet Zero Turn Ride-On

It has an effective system for cleaning the cutting deck after use and this is fitted with wheels to follow the contours of the lawn without scalping it.

And there is also a tow hitch.

This machine is priced at £9599 and is delivered free within ten days with a three-year warranty.

And finally a machine for large estates.

From a company with a reputation for making sturdy, professional equipment, the Bertolini BTR-1750D Transporter is ideal for shifting soil and sand, rocks and timber and building materials.

It has a Honda engine producing 4.8hp and runs on rubber tracks so it can handle very difficult surfaces. And it has two forward and two reverse gears.

The dump angle is 60 degrees and it has a 70cm turning radius. And it can handle 550kg of material – 175 litres in the dumper bucket.

Bertolini transporter
Load shifter: Bertolini btr 1750d Transporter

This really handy machine for use about the yard costs £5999 compared with the recommended price of £6469 and we deliver it free within five to seven working days with a two-year warranty.

This is just a selection of the new machinery for 2018 on our site and you can see the full listings here.

And please give us a ring if you would like more information on any of our products before ordering.

We have years of knowledge about all types of garden machinery from small hand-propelled mowers to the largest equipment, so please ring us during office hours on 020 3026 8712 if you need any advice.

During my research for a new mower I contacted MowDirect on two occasions and received good honest advice. I would recommend MowDirect‘ R. Grisedale

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