Top 3 Essential Garden Gifts for Father’s Day!

(Psss…. remember Father’s Day is coming up on the 21st June!)

Father’s Day’s Garden Gifts 2020

If like me you always struggle to remember when Father’s day is, this is your gentle reminder that this year Father’s day is on Sunday 21st June. ( A weekend day! – Perfect to spend the day with your loved one – if you are lucky enough to enjoy the physical company from a safe distance of course!)

On Father’s Day I usually like to take my dad out for a meal, but of course Covid-19 is still around and we are all limited to what we can do and where we can go. If you’re lucky enough, the garden is the perfect place to meet and enjoy that special, quality time.

This year, I bought my father the Lifestyle Tek BBQ, cheeky I know as I plan to get a lot of use of out of it! ( mind you I’m the one who usually gets nominated to cook!) Since lockdown and the amazing weather we’ve been having it’s struggle to find stock of BBQ’s. Everywhere seems to be selling out – not least MowDirect.

I chose this rather neat, portable BBQ. I know that space is quite limited at his place and this portable barbecue is extremely compact and perfect to store away in tight spaces. He also likes camping so this is perfect to take on caravan or camping trips. It’s a gas barbecue and a bit of a bargain at only £129.00

When I was looking around for gifts and writing our newsletter for the Best Father’s Day’s Garden Gifts for 2020, it was bit of a mind field. Not least because we have so many great products to choose from! The Barbecue was my number choice, but another product that really stood out was the Thermal Weed Burner. This recent addition to our range and a product from our own Brand Racing is a great little gadget has caused quite a stir, and we have already sold hundreds!

The Thermal Weed Burner is an amazing electric tool, that simply uses high heat to burn weeds from tip to root. Making life so much easier and taking the stress out of the eternal battle to kill weeds! This great gizmo comes in at only £24.99 – a super bargain that is sure to please! I’ve been using this personally on my patio and absolutely love this product.

Thermal Weed Burner – A great gift for Fathers Day!

Of course, there is something for every budget. And once in a while it’s great blow that budget for someone really special. If money was no object, which Gift would I choose from MowDirect for Father’s Day?

This was an easy choice – the Meccanica Benassi RF630 Field & Brush Mower .

This is a top of the range, super-luxurious machine. Built in Italy this is a powerful and fast-working field & brush mower capable of handling the toughest jobs. My father has an allotment and this machine would make easy work on cutting through the overgrowth ( especially after the allotment has been neglected over winter!) One day I will get him this machine! and he will be the talk of the allotment, with everyone queueing up to borrow it! It is a professional grade machinery but what a dream for your domestic user! Just look at this video below – it simply cuts through overgrowth like butter.

These are my Top 3 Father’s day gifts for 2020 . However, we have 1000’s of products and there is something to suit all of the Fathers out there!

Why not have a look at extented Father’s Day Gift guide. Our MowDirect garden experts have selected the best garden products for Father’s Day 2020 with Fast & Free delivery on all orders over £50!

Have a look at our popular Garden Weed Burner at only £24.99
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