My Six Super Lawncare Deals For The Easter Weekend

Writing an Easter-time blog without using any egg-based jokes is about as hard as trying to get a straight answer out of a politician. However, I shall try my hardest to do eggsactly that…DOH! Well, I’m only human.

As I look out of my window, thinking about where to hide the Easter eggs so my eager children can find them, devour them, and be sick before lunch has even begun, I can see the tell-tale signs of neglect across my lawn. The grass is a little long, looks a bit sad and I feel the urge to get out there and do something about it. It looks like it’s going to be a fine weekend so I suspect similar emotions are stirring in the hearts of many a lawn lover.

So, if your lawn care equipment is looking a tad worn around the edges and is not so much cutting as hacking at your lawn while giving off smoke in an alarming way, it’s time to think about some new gear.

So here are half a dozen very fine Easter deals from two of MowDirect’s UK exclusive brands, including a petrol scarifier that is already making its mark with happy customers, a remarkably well-priced mower with variable speed and a smart stripe creating rear-roller and a compact, powerful ride-on mower for under a grand. No really!

Our first Easter chick is from Racing, a brand specialising in quality and performance at very affordable prices.

The smart and sturdy Racing 62PR Ride-on mower features a 61cm cutting-width for coverage of lawns up to 2000m2 and yet is compact enough to cruise through narrow gateways and negotiate small spaces or obstacles with ease.

It’s powered by a fuel-efficient, low emission, high-capacity 196cc (6.5hp) four-stroke OHV engine with a handy electric start for reliability and ease.

The well-positioned lever operated blade-height adjustment offers five stages from 30-70mm for versatility and the 5-speed gearbox has 4 forward and one reverse gear for mowing flexibility in variable conditions.

Good Value… Fired up on the first start…Works Great.‘ Whitely. ‘…a great quality product at an affordable price.’ P. Grant

All of this comes at a price that, like an Easter egg, really can’t be beaten. That’s £999.00 INCLUDING FREE DELIVERY THE NEXT WORKING DAY* and a 2-year warranty. crated with minimal assembly* 

(* Fully assembled, tested, tuned, cleaned delivery in 2-3 working days – £100)

Next, a fabulous rarity, a low cost variable speed mower from our other new and exciting brand, Feider, makers of superior garden machinery, again, at low prices.

Our exclusive Feider TR4870 Variable-Speed Petrol Rear-Roller  Lawnmower is a high-spec machine offering affordable yet best-in-class-features including the variable-speed power-drive, enabling you to mow mower at your own, comfortable pace and the speed that suits the terrain and grass-length.

It features ergonomically designed soft-grip handles, an oversized height-adjuster and comfortable controls, as well a wash port for easing cleaning of the stylish deck, as well.
The roller is a quality, steel model with a rubber grip to protect the lawn and improve traction and is a split version to enable easy turns while giving you those smart stripes that are so popular in the UK.

There are many great features and surprises on this great mower with its 48cm cutting width and 173cc 4-stroke OHV engine, but the price is the biggest surprise. It costs just £499.00, saving you £200 on the RRP and including FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY and a two-year warranty.

Our third great deal is another from Racing. A self-propelled mower for under £150.

Small but perfectly formed, this mower also delivers best-in-class features and quality. 

It has a rugged, durable steel deck, the robust cutting height adjustment (25-70mm) is single-lever operated, and the handlebars fold for easy storage. 

These type of features are hard to find on a mower in this price bracket, as is, by the way, a self-propelled mower of this obvious quality.

However, to cut to the chase, this easy to use, OHV powered with foldable handlebars and an OHV engine is just £149.00 SAVING £50 ON THE RRP and with FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY and a two-year warranty

And now, in the midst of all these mowers, a fantastic, solidly built and seriously low priced scarifier from Feider. I recently sent out a letter to our subscribers about this machine and it aroused a great deal of interest.

All lawns at some stage need a deep cleanse to remove thatch – dead grass and debris that builds up under the surface and open up the turf to water and air. This will encourage healthy growth and deliver a greener healthier looking lawn.

Our fabulous new premium quality Feider FST 212 Scarifier is built just for that, to give your lawn a new lease of life and remove choking debris.

It benefits from robust, steel construction, is one of the most powerful home-user petrol scarifiers available with a high capacity OHV, 212cc, fuel saving, low emission 4-stroke engine and offers high-end features such as ball bearing mounted wheels and space-saving fold-down handlebars with comfort-enhancing soft grips.

‘Value for money…worked as well as my neighbours (£1,000+) unit’ Nick.

You can purchase this quality petrol scarifier with FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY and FREE OIL for only £289.95 – a unique deal price and a saving of more than £200 on the RRP. It comes with a 2-year warranty and is well on its way to becoming one of our best-sellers this year.

Next, a very prestigious and premium Ride-on from Feider, again at a surprisingly low price.

The Feider FRT-7550M Ride-On Lawnmower is another exclusive for MowDirect offering very high build quality, a most-powerful-in-class 4-stroke OHV engine, superior manoeuvrability and plenty of versatility offering rear-collecting, mulching- and side-discharge.

It is driven by a most-powerful-in-class 4-stroke OHV engine with a multi-speed manual drive that lets you work at the most effective pace for your task.

Worked really well on first cut very pleased with this excellent value mower.’ G. Green ‘Easy to use…good value for money.’‘ T. Jones ‘Very impressed so far and seems excellent value for money’. C. Bedford

The price is, again, quite remarkable bearing in mind the features and quality of this ride-on mower. It is delivered FREE, the NEXT WORKING DAY crated with minimum self-assembly* and comes to you for just £1199, saving you £300 on the RRP.(*or fully assembled in 2-3 working days for a cost of £100)

And last but not least, one final parting shot from our Racing brand. Another new, exclusive mower, robust and feature-packed, the Racing 5070T 4-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Lawnmower, delivers excellent performance and durable build quality for an incredibly low price.

The power comes from a very fuel-efficient, OHV engine with a large 1.2-litre fuel tank for longer running time.

It also has a steel cutting deck with a 50cm cutting width, a large-capacity 65-litre grass collector, a handy deck wash port, high rear wheels for great manoeuvrability and more.

Subsequently, the price of just £289.95 is outstanding for a self-propelled machine of this quality. Included in the price are FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY and a 2-year warranty.

…a great piece of kit would definitely buy one again.’ C. Byrne ‘…good value, powerful, well made and efficiently delivered. A good buy.’ Gavin J.

And that’s pretty much that for now. If you want to know more about scarifying, take a look at these pages on our knowledge base, MowHow.

Or, if you want advice on any of the mowers or machines you have seen here, or any other walk-behind mowers or ride-on mowers from our large and comprehensive collection, not to mention other great lawn care equipment, call us on 020 3026 8712 – and our team of product experts be delighted to discuss your needs and answer your questions, any time from 9 am to 5 pm in the week, 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and 10.30 am to 4 pm on Sundays.

All members of staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. There was no pressure to make a purchase, just good honest advice. I cannot fault them in any way.’ TRUSTPILOT

Enjoy your garden and a very peaceful and enjoyable Easter weekend to you all. Drew Hardy.

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