Now’s the time to get to work if you want good crops this year

There’s an expression in the farming community ‘Well Sown is Well Grown.’

If seeds germinate and young plants thrive quickly in good soil and good conditions with just the right amount of moisture then you’re well on your way to having a good crop.

And the preparation of the seedbed is one of the vital ways of ensuring that. Seeds need a nice fine tilth to germinate and prosper into healthy plants.

That means ensuring that the ground is well dug and the soil raked down to a fine tilth.

Oleo-Mac MH175RK tiller
Easy digging: Oleo-Mac MH175rk front tine tiller with reverse drive

Digging large areas with a fork is hard work particularly if you live in an area with heavy clay soils and even raking it down to a level seedbed is harder – and that’s where a good tiller comes into its own.

Even in areas where the digging is easier a tiller is worth its weight in gold at this time of year with the planting season upon us.

And if you’re thinking of buying this great machine is worth a second look, the Oleo-Mac MH175RK Front-Tine Tiller with Reverse Drive.

Made by a leading Italian garden machinery manufacturer it has a powerful 183cc Emak engine which drives nine tines. Transmission is via a belt to safeguard the engine if you hit a solid object – better to replace a belt than a crankshaft.

Customers have been enthusiastic about the machine… ‘Fantastic Machine…Brilliant bit of kit…Never hiccupped once,… a very robust bit of kit. Nothing was too much of an issue. Gears, all good and digs to a decent depth... ‘ said one happy purchaser recently.

Thanks for the recommendation

This model offers two working widths, 80cm and 60cm. The wider is the one for tilling large areas and the smaller is just right for tilling between the rows to keep the weeds down in the growing season without damaging your plants.

A transport wheel at the front makes it easy to move around.

And a great feature is a reverse gear to turn round at the end of the rows and to back out if the machine gets ‘dug in’ – wrestling with an embedded tiller is not a lot of fun.

The handlebar is adjustable to suit the person using it – you’ll soon find a ‘friend’ who will want to borrow it.

This tiller costs £399, a full £200 off the recommended price and we deliver it for FREE within five days with a five-year warranty.

You can see our full range of tillers on these pages and if you’re not sure which machine is right for you then please give us a ring on 03454 588905.

Have now used them twice, advice and service were excellent.‘ J.Field (TRUSTPILOT)

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