The Word Is Spreading – Five Good Reasons To Go Cordless With Redback

Very shortly , like so many of you, I shall be off on the annual jaunt we laughingly call our summer holiday. I say laughingly because an awful lot of this two week ordeal seems to be spent travelling and dragging around large pieces of luggage, most of which don’t belong to me or have anything in them belonging to me. That isn’t, strictly speaking, a holiday but more of a long voyage into hell where your work your passage.

However before I go I should like to share with you a simple, yet compelling, tip. if you are going to buy anything from MowDirect while I am away. make it a cordless machine from Redback.   Why? Well here’s five good reasons from me a number of other reasons from our customers who are talking about the power of these tools, and the word is spreading faster than a leopard in a Lamborghini….

  1. Weight. Even with a battery in, Redback tools are lightweight and far easier to lug around than petrol tools. This means, for example, The Redback
    Redback Cordless Hedgetrimmer
    Power packed: Redback Cordless Hedgetrimmer £89 (tool only)

    E522D Cordless Hedgetrimmer is safer to use if you are trimming the top of a hedge, as it is so light, especially if you use the special Redback power belt that will hold the battery away from the hedegtrimmer while you work.  As one happy customer said recently, “ultra-light, flexible and easy to operate”…” it is as light as any mains-powered electric….so long as the battery is installed on a purpose-built belt”

  2. No Cables. With more power than many electric tools, every single machine in the amazing Redback range with Redback is also much easier to use as they have no restrictive cables. No tangles, no tugging, no accidentally cutting and blowing the power, no knocking over your cup of tea with a yanked cable.
  3. Redback Cordless Lawn mower
    Long run time: Redback Cordless Lawnmower

    Petrol Power with No Fumes. Redback tools were designed with you in mind. We helped develop them because we know so many of you want power but have been getting fed up with the emissions and smell of petrol engines. These tools offer petrol rivalling power with not a harmful emission in sight. Tools like the Redback E137CQ-2Ah Cordless Lawnmower that has been making customers smile – “An Excellent and well-engineered machine“, “Ten out of ten and would definitely recommend it…cannot fault in any way”. You would smile too, £229.00 including battery and charger? What?

  4. Good Vibrations. Redback tools are low in vibration, so again easy and comfortable to use. Take the Redback E312D Cordless Grass-Trimmer. Again, don’t just take my word for it, customers are saying it for themselves… “I bought the first to test for weight and vibration… all of the (Redback) products are lighter and cause way less vibration than petrol or wired products!”,”Lightweight and Effective tool…Good performance and overall ease of use”.£69.00 tool only. 
  5. One battery fits all. That’s right. This is basically a full-on, flexible, versatile, powerful, lightweight, cable-free,
    Redback Cordless Leaf Blower
    JUST £79 Redback Cordless Leaf Blower. Power and Low Weight

    fume free gardening system, all powered by the same battery. Heres a tip, buy two and you can be charging your blower while you cut the hedge, charge your mower while you blow aways the clippings (oh and the blower is more powerful than you can imagine)

So that’s that. You really need to look into this exciting and game-changing range of tools.

Oh and if you need advice on any of these, or other, garden machines, just call and speak to our amazing team of friendly experts… 0345 4588 905  (9am-5pm Mon-fri – 10am-4pm Sat) 

Outstanding Service…MowDirect are a fantastic company ! A real pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable of their entire range and I had my mower the following day!” LEWIS

Ask about Redback. You won’t look back. Lightweight and easy… unlike our luggage. Here goes, see you on my return. Enjoy your garden.  Drew Hardy


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