Tea For The Tillerman

OK. So we all know it’s time to prep’ our gardens properly. The soil needs breaking up, the plots need cultivating and planting and we all need to get out of the house, stop moping around watching the latest Netflix series and get out from under our long-suffering partner’s feet. Dick’s blog yesterday, Time for the tiller, pointed out two very good machines for breaking ground and getting your allotment or garden vegetable plot sorted out for the season. Well, thanks, Dick, working hard as ever, and now I think you need to sit down and have a cup of tea, while I basically agree with you and talk a bit more about tillers, cultivators and the whys, whens and hows.

And yes, that explains ‘Tea for The Tillerman’, which any hippy-ish music lovers may have recognised as a track and an album by the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf/Cat Stevens). Here he is in the old days.

The Real Cat Stevens. (Image Altered For Copyright Reasons)
The Real Cat Stevens

OK. I had to change the image for copyright reasons but that cat sure can play the piano. I could also have gone with Neil Sedaka’s ‘Breaking Up Is Hard To Do’ or Peter Gabriel’s ‘Digging In The Dirt’. Ah, the pop, poetry and picture references never stop around here.

However, to my point. Why buy a tiller? Well. Have you seen your garden? Have you thought about how many ‘Person Hours’ (we’re all PC around here) it will take to dig it over?  A tiller or cultivator might just save your back for one thing. Digging and turning over soil is tough, sweaty and potentially back-straining work and a tiller or cultivator, your multi-tined mechanical friend, will save you time, energy and possibly pain. This is particularly useful if you have very hard soil. A tiller or cultivator will churn the soil up into smaller pieces and probably do a better job of it than you will unless you have unlimited time and the muscles of the Hulk. It will aerate the soil well, preparing for growth and will destroy weeds and weed roots.

Don't Overdo It.
Don’t cultivate a back problem, look at your twin brother…






Look... your twin brother must have bought a tiller, he's smiling.
…he must have bought a tiller, he’s all smiles.









I know Dick pointed you at a couple of our best buys, (he’s very good at that, he knows his onions) but you can see a special Spring collection of ten of the best tiller cultivators if you visit here and they all come with FREE UK mainland delivery and a FREE bottle of engine oil. And if you need even more choice, you can visit our complete collection of tillers and cultivators, including front tine tillers,  mini tillers, micro tillers and even includes some impressive electric models 

if you need more help deciding what to buy, what to look for and more technical information, check out the articles in our comprehensive guide to buying tillers and cultivators on MowHow, our on-site knowledge base.

And that’s it from me for this week. Short and Sweet. It’s time I had some tea too. And when I say tea, I mean beer. But remember, whatever you are doing, tilling, digging or standing there scratching your head wondering how to begin… enjoy your garden.   Drew Hardy

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