Ten top devices to get your garden ready for Spring, it’s closer than you think

The bitter weather over the last two weeks of so seems to be on the wane and in five or six weeks’ time we’ll be out in the garden again wondering about the first cut of the lawn and sewing the first salad crops.

In fact early February is a good time to sew the first Little Gem seeds, the best lettuce of the lot – well that’s a personal opinion!

But Spring will burst upon us when we least expect and if you’re not careful you can be playing catch-up until the summer, so now’s the time to put in some early preparation work.

When weather permits you can scarify and even trim the lawn lightly and there’s always the vegetable garden to dig over if you haven’t already done so.

MTD 46bs lawnmower
Self propelled: MTD 46bs lawnmower

So to help you on the way here are ten top early deals on garden machinery which will give you a good start for the coming Spring.

Hopefully you managed to keep off the lawn when it was frozen over or had a snow covering and once you can make a start here is a great little mower the MTD 53BS Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower, an exclusive to us at MowDirect and ideal for lawns up to 1500m2.

With an easy-starting Briggs & Stratton engine it has six cutting heights from 20mm to 90mm and a strong steel chassis.

The cutting width is 53cm and it is distinguished by a massive grass box holding 80 litres.

The handlebars collapse for easy storage and the wheels are mounted on ball bearings so won’t stiffen with age.

It costs £249, £120 off the recommended price, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

Oleo-Mac Max-53 TK lawn mower
Biggest lawns: Oleo-Mac Max-53 TK All Road Petrol Mower

The next is another mower also on special offer and made by a leading European manufacturer in Italy.

The Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is a machine for all types of cutting tasks around the garden as it can cut and collect or discharge to the side or back (useful for longer grass) or you can mulch the clippings.

But don’t do this until dry summer months.

An Emak 196 cc engine gives loads of power while keeping fuel costs and emissions low and it has cutting g heights from 28mm to 75mm with six settings.

Large drive wheels give great grip on rougher areas and the grass box holds 70 litres.

This one has a five year maker’s warranty and we deliver it free the next working day. It costs £299.95.

Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier
Top seller: Einhell GC-SC 2240P scarifier

Have a look at the lawn and it’s probably looking a bit sad. What it needs is scarifying and this best-seller will certainly do the trick.

The Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier, on special offer, is suitable for lawns up to 1000m2 and will tease out flat-growing weeds as well as moss and allow water and nutrients to penetrate the surface.

It has 18 steel blades to do the job with a 45-litre catcher for the debris although the first time you use the machine you are better raking up the debris afterwards as there’ll be so much of it.

Lawns should ideally be scarified every four to six weeks.

The blades are driven by a 118cc petrol engine and the machine has six working heights. See these reviews to learn what previous buyers think of the scarifier.

It costs £279.95, £220 off the recommended retail price, has a two year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

Weibang professional law scarifier
Top results: Weibang Professional Lawn Scarifier

If you have a larger area or are a commercial gardener then the Weibang WB486CRB Professional Scarifier could be the one.

This has 16 double-ended blades and a 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine and a working width of 46cm.

A powder-coated chassis and ball bearing wheels give it a long working life. You can also buy a blade assembly for cutting down overgrown areas.

It costs £799 and has a five year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

When you have a look round the garden you may well see a few trees looking a bit sad with blown down branches or other that need felling.

Here is an ideal chainsaw on exclusive special offer and with a free starter safety pack.

Oleo-Mac GD-370 chainsawe
Free safety kit: Oleo-Mac GS-370 chainsaw

The Oleo-Mac GS-370 Pro Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter-Pack is an ideal machine for the amateur gardener with a large wooded plot to care for.

The 35.2cc engine fires up easily and quickly and is mean on fuel and has a 35cm guide bar just right for cutting logs, taking off branches and felling small trees.

It is fitted with an inertia-operated chain brake and weighs only 4.2kg.

It is delivered free the next working day with a safety helmet with ear defenders and visor, work gloves, two-stroke engine oil and chain lubrication oil and a fuel mixing bottle.

It costs £219.95, £100 off the recommended price and has a three year warranty. There are also special prices on other extras including a log horse with chainsaw clamp for £49.95.

If you do have a pile of logs which need splitting for the fire this great device will do the trick.

Mitox log splitter
Multi-split wedge: Mitox log splitter

The Mitox LS700BS Multisplit Petrol Log-Splitter has a seven ton splitting force generated by a Briggs & Stratton engine.

It also has a Quicksplit function so the push-block which forces the wood against the splitting wedge is adjusted to suit the length of log.

It can take logs up to 104cm long. And it costs £899, £50 off the recommended price.

It is delivered free within two to three working days of receiving the order and has a two year warranty.

If you only need a smaller machine for shorter and less substantial logs have a look at this one.

The MD 4-Ton Electric Horizontal Log-Splitter has a 1500W and can deal with logs 37cm long and 25cm in diameter.

MD 4 ton log splitter
Best seller. MD 4- ton Log-Splitter

It is easily moved around with transport wheels on the base and has proved to a best seller for several years now.

It costs only £149.95, £100 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a two year warranty.

You can also buy a four-wat splitting wedge if you want the wood a bit smaller for an extra £20.

We talked at the start about vegetable gardens and the need to start preparing the sol for the planting season and this tiller is a cracking machine which will save you hours of time with fork and rake.

earthquake rear tine tiller
Tough worker: Earthquake 6015v rear tine tiller

The Earthquake 6015B Compact Rear-Tine Cultivator was the first rear-tine tiller to come on to the market and is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 205cc engine.

It has a set of contra-rotating tines which can cope easily with compacted or virgin ground.

It runs on deep-tread tyres to give great grip when the going gets slippery and costs £749 with free next working day delivery and a two year warranty.

earthquake rear tine tiller
Tough worker: Earthquake 6015v rear tine tiller

Chances are that as you start the Spring clean you’ll be left with branches and twigs and all manner oif debris that can’t go straight to the compost heap.

And that’s where the Earthquake CS10 Petrol Chipper-Shredder earns its corn.

Suitable for both the gardener with a substantial area of the professional this machine will cut the debris down to one twentieth its original volume.

It can take branches up to 7.5cm in diameter leaving you with useful wood chip. Other softer debris will be shredded ready for the compost heap or it can be dug into shrubberies or veg plots.

It is supplied with a 70-litre collection bag and can also be used with an optional vac-kit.

It costs £999 and is delivered free within two to three working days with a two year warranty.

And yes we know we may be tempting fate with all this talk about Spring, so here is a powerful machine which will be handy if we do catch a packet.

The Stiga Silex 95H Two-wheeled Snow Plough has a Honda engine and a clearing width of 85cm so it is ideal for paths and drives alike.

Stiga 95H two-wheeled snow plough
For the deep stuff: Stiga Silex 95H two-wheeled snow plough

It has forward and reverse gears and the plough can be fixed to clear left or right and is built on a tough steel chassis. Built on a tough steel chassis it has 13in wheels to give plenty of grip.

The handlebars are adjustable to suit the height of the user and all controls are close to the handlebars.

You can buy other attachments for this machine like a sweeping brush so it can earn its corn all year round.

It costs £898, £90 off the recommended price and is delivered free within two to three days of receiving the order.

And it has a two year warranty.

We hope we’re wrong about the snow and right about the imminent arrival of Spring.

But keep an eye on our site as we have some new and exciting products coming soon to make gardening easier and more enjoyable.




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