Just what I wanted! 10 gardening gifts with the Wow! factor

‘Oh that’s brilliant, thanks, however did you think of that!’

That’s what we’d like our nearest and dearest to say on Christmas morning.

But how often are we left with the feeling that we made a mistake and the present will go back first thing Boxing Day morning.

So here are ten top gifts with the Wow! Factor which will surprise and delight any gardener and make sure you stay in their good books for months, maybe even years, to come.

So the first is a log splitter, the sort of garden tool that many people want buy would never dream of buying for themselves.

The MD 4-Ton Electric Horizontal Log-Splitter is an amazingly priced little machine which will split most soft and hard wood logs.

MD 4 Ton log splitter
Powerful splitter: MD 4 Ton log splitter

The four tons of splitting pressure are generated by a 1500 Watt electric motor. The log to be split is forced by a hydraulic ram against a splitting wedge – it can take logs up to 37 cm long and 25 cm in diameter.

It is safe to use and has wheels on the base to make it easier to move around.

It costs £149.95, £100 less than the maker’s recommended price and has a two year warranty. We deliver it the following working day for free.

This next little machine is one of those pieces of garden equipment you often wished you had if you take pride in your lawn.

Einhell GB_SC scarifier
Healthy lawns: Einhell BG_SC scarifier

The Einhell BG-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifierhas 36 tough steel blades which will tease out moss and flat weeds to let moisture and nutrients to penetrate through to the roots so you lawn can flourish.

Lawns should ideally be scarified every four to six weeks if you want a perfect green carpet and the task is made easy to a 118 cc engine. Although not self-propelled, the action of the revolving blades pulls the machine along making it easy to use.

It has six working heights and a 45 litre box for the debris and a 40 cm working width.

It costs £279.95, has a two year warranty and is delivered free the next working day.

Hayter Spirit Lanwmower
British made: Hayter Spirit Lanwmower

Chances are that you’ve a good friend who has an old mower which wheezes into life each Spring when really it should have been scrapped years ago.

So how about this mower, the Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Rear Roller Lawnmower (Code: 617), British made, with a 155 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, a machine made to last.

With a 410 mm cutting width it is ideal for smaller lawns and is fitted with front fins to smooth the lawn before it is cut, giving it a better, neater finish.

There are seven cutting heights right down to 13 mm and with an ABS polymer deck it is light and easy to manoeuvre. The deck is plastic lined to keep the noise down.

It costs £285, has a three year warranty from Hayter and is delivered free then next working day complete with a bottle of engine oil.

Tanaka hedge trimmer
Bigger tasks: Tanaka TCH33 ECP2 hedge trimmer

It might be a while before you need to cut the hedges but here’s one of our best sellers which will do the job.

The Tanaka TCH22E-CP2 (62) Petrol Hedgetrimmer is often used by professional gardeners as it very easy to start and a tougher performer with low vibration levels.

With a 21 cc engine which uses little fuel it weighs just 5 kg and has 62 cm double-sided blades with a 35 mm tooth gap so you can tackle thicker hedge stems with little fuss.

The rear handle will rotate through 180 degrees to make tackling hedge sides and top simpler.

It costs £299, £110 less than the recommended retail price and has a five year warranty from Tanaka. We deliver it free the next working day.

Anyone with a large vegetable plot will know that digging it over is a tough job and this machine will make life mush easier.

Einhell BG-MT cultivator
German engineering: Einhell BG-PM cultivator

The Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Tiller / Cultivator comes from a German engineering company and has six steel cultivator tines to turn the soil.

The 163 cc engine provides the power and it is fitted with an adjustable brake skid to regulate the working height. The handlebars can also be adjusted to suite the person using it.

As a safety feature it has a deadman’s handle to stop the motor instantly.

It costs £299.95, £200 less than the maker’s recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a two year warranty.

Here’s another mower which has been so popular it was a sell-out during the summer.

Mountfield SP 533 lawn mower
Great gift: Mountfield SP533 lawn mower

The The Mountfield SP533 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower has a 160 cc engine and is made to tackle medium to larger sized lawns, say around 2500 sq metres.

It has cutting heights from 25 mm to 90 mm and has a large 60 litre grass box. The steel cutting deck is powder coated to give it a longer life.

It costs £319 compared with a recommended price of £449 and has a three year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

You can’t escape the fact that winter’s on the way and the first snow falls have already been seen in Scotland and higher ground in England. So here’s a machine which will save hours of work with a shovel.

Stiga Snow Patrol snow blower
Bigger areas: Stiga Snow Patrol snow blower

The Stiga Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower is ideal for clearing drives and paths around the house, even the forecourts of business premises.

The working width is 33 cm and the snow intake hood has a height of 50 cm, so it can tackle quite deep falls of snow.

It is powered by a 182 cc engine with four forward and two reverse gears and is a two stage machine, dragging the snow and ice into the body of the machine with steel augurs and then blasting it up to ten metres clear with an impellor.

The exit chute can be adjusted for pitch and direction and the skid shoes can be adjusted as well so you can use it on hard surfaces or gravel drives.

It costs £599, £80 less than the recommended retail price. We deliver it free the next working day and it has a one year warranty.

Here’s another machine which many of you wish you owned at some time or another. Has a 10 hp Briggs & Stratton engine

The Earthquake CS10 Petrol Chipper-Shredder and has free-swinging hammers to pulverise the softer debris and a chipper to slice through the thicker stuff.

Earthquake CS10 chipper shredder
Professional machine: Earthquake CS10 chipper/shredder

At the end you’ve reduced hedge trimmings and plant prunings to a useful m ulch which can go straight on to the compost heap or go back on to the flower beds to be used as a protective mulch around the roots of shrubs.

Branches up to 7.5 cm in diameter can be handled and it has a useful 70 litre collection bag.

It costs £999 and is delivered free within two to three working days. There is a two year maker’s warranty.

Now a couple of mowers to delight the owners of any large garden.

The Mountfield 827M Compact Lawn Rider has a cutting width of 66 cm and is narrow enough to get through most garden gates.

Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider
Top seller: Mountfield 827M compact lawn rider

It has a 196 cc engine, started with a key, and has a five-speed gearbox – four forward and one reverse.

The grass box can hold 150 litres and can be emptied from the driver’s seat and it has six cutting g heights from 25 mm to 80 mm. And as optional extras you can purchase a tow hitch and a mulch kit.

It costs £1199, is delivered free within two to three working days fully assembled and ready to use and has a two year warranty.

And here’s a lawn tractor which would make a really wonderful present.

Lanwflite RF125 garden tractor
Free dethatcher: Lawnflite RF125 lawn and garden tractor

The Lawnflite RF125 Lawn & Garden Tractor has a 96 cm cutting width and a really tight 46 cm turning circle.

It also has large rear wheels to give it great grip when the gpoing is damp or muddy.

A Briggs & Stratton engine gives bags of power and the shift-on-the-go transmission makes it really easy to drive.

This is a side-discharge tractor but you can buy a mulch kit and grass box if that is how you prefer to deal with the clippings.

There are five cutting heights from 30 mm to 95 mm and it has a pivoting front axle to give a neat trim on an undulating lawn. Added to this the cutter deck has anti-scalp wheels to follow the lawns bumps.

It costs £1299 compared with the maker’s price of £1747, is delivered free within two to three working days and has a two year warranty.

You also receive completely free a towed dethatcher worth £89 and a tractor cover worth £59.

Remember, you can have you special gift delivered free to any address on the UK mainland.

And you can give us a ring if you need any advice on a present which will be a show-stopper this Christmas.


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