September Deal Time Must End Soon and Nuns Have Fun with Log-Splitters

Just before I get on to the whole September Deal time ending thing, I have to say that the other day, while browsing through some of our product review pages (I’d finished Cosmo and there was no Time Out available)  I read a lovely review of one of our products. The machine in question was one of our … Continued

Free Yourself and Go Clean and Quiet – 5 Reasons To Go Cordless

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” So writes the very great Jane Austin at the start of the  opening passage of Pride and Prejudice. What is possibly somewhat less universally known is that this wife is going to … Continued

Bad Weather TV. Sport is a Non-Starter, Midsomer Is Murder but Bonds Have More Fun

Now I’m not a huge television watcher but, I must say, on a gloomy, grey, drizzly Autumn, Sunday afternoon, like yesterday, when I want to get into the garden but the garden is increasingly just not looking like the place to be, you may well find me reclined on my couch, wrapped in a Liberty … Continued

Autumn Veg and The Importance of Manure

I notice that my colleague Drew was waxing lyrical about all things September on Tuesday. He is certainly on the money as far as the weather is concerned. It seems as though Autumn was waiting horror villain style, to pounce on us without warning and attack, rather than the usual method of letting us know in … Continued

Bank Holiday Fun?

Guess what I did on the Bank Holiday? It’s multiple choice Did I have a scintillating and successful Bank Holiday barbecue in my smart and airy back garden, complete with beautiful people, flowing champagne and the delicious aromas of perfectly roasted meats wafting through the trees as the sounds of bonhomie and joi de vivre drifted … Continued

The French Don’t Do Stripes But Their Bubbly Is Lovely

Bonjour. In a never to be repeated, once in a lunchtime event (it is lunchtime and I am aware of the smell of conft duck coming from the kitchen) I am writing this from my ‘belle chambre dans le gite de paradis” (beautiful room in the cottage of paradise’) somewhere in northern Europe. Yup. You’ve guessed … Continued

The Industrious Mr Fox – The Only Worker In Town

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Drew Hardy

Freelance Writer at Mowdirect
A keen allotmenteer with an interest in all things horticultural, Drew has a varied writing background with experience in a number of fields including garden machinery, lawn care and compost. His first experience with gardening was a cultivating a small plot he was given by his house master at school. He grew a decent crop of radishes and lettuce and sold them to a local shop, exhibiting his first, and last, sign of an entrepreneurial spark. Drew lives in North London with his wife, two children and a slightly bonkers cat
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On Saturday last, I spent a good deal of my valuable time waiting for a rogue urban fox to appear, so I could find out how he is getting into our garden and attempt block his entrance. It seems the little red rotter has been stealing from our bins and nibbling at my green beans, which … Continued

A Summer Opening – At Her Majesty’s Convenience

It gets me every summer. From 22 July – 1 October 2017 the neoclassical behemoth, crouching at the end of the Mall, that we all know (and love?) as Buckingham Palace opens its doors once again to the public. My thoughts immediately go to Her Majesty and what she does while people are photographing her chairs, … Continued

Strawberries and Cream and a Stripy Lawn Dream

Every year, along with thousands of other tennis fans, I go through the ritual of watching, hoping and yet ultimately accepting that the chances of a British woman winning the singles competition is fairly slim. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got some fab players. Heather Watson, comes back from a year of injury and not … Continued

Forlorn over Your Lawn? What Would The Bear Do?

I am in my garden, gazing, over the top of my laptop, at my rather neglected lawn. It was cut a little while ago but it has rained a fair bit since and Brody, my friend and sometime gardener has gone on his hols. I have been, as usual, trying to come up with some … Continued