Jeepers Sweepers – Leafy Creepers. Happy Halloween.

It is the scariest event of the year, no, no, I don’t mean the cast of Eastenders performing an under rehearsed dance routine on ‘Children in Need’, it’s HALLOWEEN. Wooooo! I think we may be painfully aware of this as you couldn’t really miss the VERY BIG CLUES across the TV over the last few … Continued

Scarifying? It’s Not Halloween Yet. Oops. I Punned Again

Hi all. There has been an ongoing bone of some contention between me and the boys recently (and when I say boys I am being slightly insouciant as I am referring to Dick and Drew, whose combined age probably looks like a phone number). However, the contention is down to the following. I have been … Continued

Indian Summer? What Happened? Take Solace in Our Autumn Deals Pages

That massive Mancunian master of the louche and laconic and yet witty lyric, Mr Morrissey, once warned of panic on the streets of various cities including, if memory serves me right, London and Birmingham and I rather feel he should be joined by my colleagues Mr Drew Hardy and Mr Dick Roberts. Let me explain, … Continued

All The Leaves Are Down – Autumnal Sonnets and Seasonal Deals

When it comes to this time of year I like to breathe a sigh of well-wrapped up contentment and take a walk in the fresh autumn air.  How could one not be moved by the beauty of this season, a misty, twisty, magical time when golden, brown and russet hued leaves flutter fairy-like through the autumn … Continued

September Deal Time Must End Soon and Nuns Have Fun with Log-Splitters

Just before I get on to the whole September Deal time ending thing, I have to say that the other day, while browsing through some of our product review pages (I’d finished Cosmo and there was no Time Out available)  I read a lovely review of one of our products. The machine in question was one of our … Continued

Free Yourself and Go Clean and Quiet – 5 Reasons To Go Cordless

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” So writes the very great Jane Austin at the start of the  opening passage of Pride and Prejudice. What is possibly somewhat less universally known is that this wife is going to … Continued

Bad Weather TV. Sport is a Non-Starter, Midsomer Is Murder but Bonds Have More Fun

Now I’m not a huge television watcher but, I must say, on a gloomy, grey, drizzly Autumn, Sunday afternoon, like yesterday, when I want to get into the garden but the garden is increasingly just not looking like the place to be, you may well find me reclined on my couch, wrapped in a Liberty … Continued

Autumn Veg and The Importance of Manure

I notice that my colleague Drew was waxing lyrical about all things September on Tuesday. He is certainly on the money as far as the weather is concerned. It seems as though Autumn was waiting horror villain style, to pounce on us without warning and attack, rather than the usual method of letting us know in … Continued

Bank Holiday Fun?

Guess what I did on the Bank Holiday? It’s multiple choice Did I have a scintillating and successful Bank Holiday barbecue in my smart and airy back garden, complete with beautiful people, flowing champagne and the delicious aromas of perfectly roasted meats wafting through the trees as the sounds of bonhomie and joi de vivre drifted … Continued

Seasonal Food – Hooray for Carrots, Berries and Courgettes Galore – Not to Mention Brody’s Prime Plums

I just adore this season when it comes to food. The bounty of the late Summer is so exciting to the taste buds if, like me, you are an enthusiastic amateur cook who loves creating simple recipes from fresh seasonal ingredients. “What’s that?” you say. “She’s come over all Hugh Fernley-What-Ja-Ma-Call-Him all of a sudden. What’s … Continued