Over 30 New Ryobi Lawn & Garden Tools for 2009

For over 20 years power tool manufacturer Ryobi have earned an enviable reputation for producing high quality garden tools suitable for both the domestic and professional user. Looking at the needs of their customers and constantly assessing the feedback received has led them to being one of the most innovative companies within the gardening industry. More than thirty new Ryobi products will enter the gardening market in 2009, from petrol brush cutters to cordless hedge trimmers powered with the latest lithium-ion batteries, all designed to make life in the garden that little bit more comfortable for you, the end user.

Ryobi`s petrol powered strimmers and brushcutters receive a make-over for 2009 with five new models in total. The Ryobi RLT30CET 30cc 2-stroke line trimmer with Quick Fire Engine technology and Ergo Handle will ensure easy starting and comfortable use when tidying lawn borders and edges whilst the Ryobi RLT430CES 30cc petrol engine line trimmer will keep polluting emissions to a minimum thanks to new 4-stroke engine technology. If you need to clear an area of established undergrowth a petrol brush cutter will be necessary; the Ryobi RBC30SET 30cc petrol brush-cutter with loop handle will be ideal in tight spaces whereas the Ryobi RBC30SBT 30cc petrol brush-cutter with wide-grip bicycle style handlebars is the better choice on more open ground. The Ryobi RBC430SES 30cc petrol brush-cutter is an ideal combination of power and low emission performance; with clean burning 4-stroke petrol engine it will produce trouble free starts with the minimum of effort. Smaller gardens may benefit from the use of an electrical grass trimmer; the 300 watt Ryobi RLT3025F line trimmer or 400 watt Ryobi RLT4025 line trimmer will make short work of overgrown grass around pots and flowerbeds.

To make full use of the aforementioned machines will require the user to invest in the very successful Expand-It range of line trimmer and brush-cutter attachments from Ryobi. Enabling you to turn your investment into any one of ten tools, the Expand It line offers great versatility. Two products are upgraded for 2009 alongside the introduction of two new products. The Ryobi AED-04 Edger Attachment and Ryobi ABE-04 Blower Attachment replace previous models while the all new Ryobi AHT-04 Articulating Hedge Cutter Attachment and Ryobi APR-04 15⁰ Pruner Attachment will assist in the maintenance of tall hedges and trees.

Staying with the wooded theme we can briefly touch on three new chainsaws to be released next year. For the preparation of firewood or pruning of small, easy to reach branches the Ryobi RCS3335A 33cc 2-stroke petrol chainsaw or Ryobi RCS3535CA 35cc 2-stroke petrol chainsaw will be ideal due to their light weight and 14″ bar; the latter machine also has Tool-Less Chain Tensioning as standard. If your need is for a slightly larger machine you may wish to look at the Ryobi RCS4040CA with 40cc 2-stroke petrol engine and 16″ bar; perfect for all-round domestic use. If your preference is for electrical power two new Ryobi 1800 watt chainsaws will be of interest; the Ryobi RCS1835 electric chainsaw with 14″ bar and Ryobi RCS2040 electric chainsaw with 16″ bar will provide reliable, pollution free service. When the highest of branches need lopping the 720 watt Ryobi RPP720 Pole Chain Pruner with 10″ bar angled at 15⁰ will leave nothing out of reach due to a total extendibility of 270cm.

When the time has come to begin the autumn tidy up of your garden you will benefit from having several items of equipment in your shed. A good quality hedge trimmer will leave bushes and border hedging in good order for winter. Ryobi have recognised this important point by introducing two new electrical hedgetrimmers; the Ryobi RHT400R 400 watt hedge-trimmer will make light work of standard height hedges thanks to an 18″ blade with 18mm tooth spacing. If you have hedging that is on the tall side the Ryobi RPT400 Pole Hedge Cutter with articulating 18″ blade will come to your rescue; no more wobbly ladders to balance atop. To dispose of the multitude of clippings you will undoubtedly be left with you will need a chipper/shredder; the Ryobi RSH2400R Shredder with a 2400 watt motor will process these clippings into valuable compost. At the same time you may like to process the fallen leaves you have collected with your Ryobi RBL26BPT Back Pack Blower; a 30cc 2-stroke engine and Cruise Control will leave no leaf unturned.

It may be that some of you have taken to using cordless tools recently. If this is the case several new products from the Ryobi One+ range of cordless garden tools will be of interest. Two new hedge-trimmers include the Ryobi CHT1850P One+ 18 volt Ni-Cd Hedge Trimmer Starter Kit and Ryobi CHT1850LC One+ 18 volt Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer Starter Kit, the latter offering super quick charging times and little drop-off in performance when running low. If quick and easy trimming of rough lawn edges is required the Ryobi CLT1830P One+ 18 volt Ni-Cd Line Trimmer Starter Kit or Ryobi CLT1830LC One+ 18 volt Lithium-Ion Line Trimmer Starter Kit will perform admirably. To keep your cordless tools in a permanent working state it is worthwhile to invest in spare batteries; new for 2009 will be the Ryobi BPL1815 One+ 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery, Ryobi BPL1815/2 One+ 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery pack containing two batteries and the Ryobi BLK1815/2 One+ 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery and charger set.

High pressure washers have become a must have tool for many householders making the tiresome chores of car washing and patio cleaning less of a back-breaking job. Ryobi will offer two new electric pressure washers in 2009 and a revolutionary new petrol machine. Providing 100 bar and 120 bar of pressure respectively the Ryobi RPW100E Electric Pressure Washer with 1400 watt motor and Ryobi RPW120E Electric Pressure Washer with 1600 watt motor will literally blow grime away. If your needs are for a more powerful machine the Ryobi RPW2400WB Wheeled Petrol Pressure Washer offers a variety of operating modes and assorted spray tips to help you tackle any dirty job that confronts you.

No matter what your gardening needs are in 2009, Ryobi will be right behind you all the way, leaving you safe in the knowledge that all of their products are backed by a full two year manufacturing warranty and comprehensive customer service advice should the need arise.

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