New Billy Goat range of KV Leaf & Litter Vacuums launched by MowDIRECT!

We’ve just launched a new range of outdoor wheeled vacuums from Billy Goat! The new Billy Goat KV models replace the old KD range of vacuums and offer a number of design improvements which make them both easier to use and even better at vacuuming up fallen leaves and other garden debris. Our Sales Team have put together a number of unbeatable deals on all Billy Vacuums with the best prices around and Free, Fast delivery on all products, so check out our Autumn Promotion now!

Over the past 40 years, Missouri-based Billy Goat Industries has developed a world-wide reputation for producing outstanding garden-debris management equipment at affordable prices, and their new KV Estate series of wheeled lawn-vacuums is no exception. Driven by powerful and exceptionally reliable Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines, these highly effective lawn vacs offer huge amounts of suction power, enabling them to deal quickly and easily with leaves, litter and even glass bottles. The new KV Estate Vacs also feature an improved debris reduction system, enabling you to reduce organic material to a fine, nutrient rich mulch, ideal for composting.

Clean Up Your World
Clean Up Your World

Billy Goat’s KV range is sure to include a lawn vacuum that meets your needs. Whether you prefer the power and performance of a Honda engine, or the proven reliability and unmatchable longevity of a Briggs & Stratton motor, we have a machine for you. The Billy Goat KV600 (B & S) and the Billy Goat KV650H (Honda) are both available with an on-board hose-kit for hard-to-reach areas – a feature usually reserved for professional machines. For even more comprehensive debris-management, you may prefer the Billy Goat TKV650SPH Lawn Vacuum, which includes a chipper-chute, allowing you to dispose of branches and similar woody material.

If you have a larger garden, especially one with slopes, banks or undulating areas, then either of Billy Goat’s self-propelled rear-wheel drive models (KV600SP & KV650SPH) will prove ideal. These machines incorporate an innovative traction-maximisation system, whereby the weight of the debris-bag is transferred to the rear-wheels for excellent grip in any conditions. As with all of the KV range, the debris-bags have a dust cover to protect the operator and use a new nautical-style fastening system in favour of a zip for improved durability.

Take a look at Mowdirect’s Autumn Promotion page and check out our unbelievably low prices on Billy Goat’s powerful, durable and in-demand KV Estate range of wheeled lawn vacuums.

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