Salt Spreaders / Grit Spreaders: clearing paths & driveways of snow and ice this winter

If you have paths and driveways to clear this winter from snow and ice we have a great range of walk-behind and towed broadcast spreaders that can be used for spreading ice melts such as salt and grit. Looking at the BBC Weather report this morning, snow is forecast for Scotland, northern and eastern England with occasional flurries elsewhere. Temperatures are going to remain cold going into the weekend with further snow following on Saturday in the west of the country. Further cold snaps are not ruled out for the remainder of the winter season.

You can be prepared for the winter weather and keep clear pathways, drives, forecourts, car parks and other areas requiring pedestrian access with one of our spreaders.We have an extensive range and will highlight just a few of the models to give you an idea of what’s available.

Just arrived in stock are the new Agri-Fab 85lb capacity broadcast spreaders. These are terrific value for money and amongst the lowest cost salt/grit spreaders you will find on the market – on introductory special offer at MowDIRECT priced just £79 inc. There are two models available – a push version and a tow-behind model which can be used with a ride-on mower or lawn tractor. These are ideal for paths and driveways.

If you have larger areas to cover, incorporating say a forecourt or a larger drive or maybe even a car park, we also have a range of larger-sized spreaders from Agri-Fab with load capacities between 100-175 lbs. Also new to MowDIRECT for 2008, we are now selling the Spyker range of high-end heavy duty broadcast spreaders. There is an extensive range of models available with the starter unit for spreading salt or grit available for just over £150 and the top of the range commercial model – the Spyker 288 Spreader – coming in at £469.95 inc. VAT and fast, free delivery.

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