Can’t start your mower after the Winter? Solution is here.

So, Your Machine Won’t Start After The Winter?

Did you drain out the fuel and run it dry before you put it away last season?

If the answer is no, then the most likely reason your mower will not starts is because the fuel has gone off.

This year, with the move from E5 to E10 unleaded fuel, we are seeing much higher levels of machine failure as the fuel is breaking down much quicker than the old E5 petrol.

What do I do?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to get your mower running again.

Stage 1 – Remove the old fuel from the tank

Method 1

Underneath the fuel tank there will be a rubber fuel pipe that connects to the bottom of the fuel tank, squeeze the clips that hold it in place and collect the fuel from the tank with a jug or bowl.

Method 2

Remove any fuel out through the filler cap, either by tipping the mower with the help of another person and draining into a jug or bowl or you can use a hand pump. To do this, dip one end of the pump into the fuel and the other into the jug or bowl and then pump the fuel from the tank.

NB. Don’t forget to dispose of any stale fuel responsibly.

Stage 2 – Remove the fuel from the carburettor

The carburettor is usually near a small black box, which houses your air filter. You can drain the fuel through the drain point underneath the egg-cup shaped float bowl. There are generally 2 screws in the bowl, the lowest bolt is usually what holds the bowl onto the carburettor, the one in front slightly higher in the drain port for the carburettor.

Make sure you place a suitable container beneath the float bowl to collect any fuel that drains out, then undo the screw anti-clockwise.

NB. Ensure you do this in a well-ventilated area – outdoors is best.

Once the fuel has stopped flowing, you can refit the drain bolt. Make sure you don’t misplace the fibre washer on the drain plug.

Stage 3 – Clean the spark plug

Locate the black HT lead that connect to the spark plug, this is generally located at the front of the mower. Get a suitably sized socket or even the box spanner that may have come with your mower and remove the plug by turning anti-clockwise. Make you’re the spark plug is clean and dry before replacing it and putting the HT lead back on.

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