Manage your garden waste the easy way

Gardens – even smaller ones – can generate substantial amounts of waste, from pruning debris, grass-clippings and hedge-trimmings, through to leaves, deadheaded flowers and even pine cones. Together, this horticultural detritus is going to take-up a huge amount of space in your composter or council collection bin.
There’s a simple solution to this problem though – the garden shredder! Whether petrol powered or mains electric, garden shredders are super handy bits of kit that will pulverise your green and woody waste, turning it into a useful and quick-rotting mulch, the likes of which you’d pay a pretty penny for at the nursery or garden centre. At MowDirect, they offer the full gamut of machines, any of which will make your gardening-life a whole lot easier. A particular favourite amongst their customers is the exclusive Feider FBVES2800 Electric Shredder; a high-quality but affordable model characterised by its easy portability, compact storage requirements, neighbour-pleasing noise-levels and powerful performance. You’ll also get a spacious 60 Litres Collector Box, a durable brushless motor and an extra long five metre mains cable, all at a rock-bottom price!

Readers can avail of an exclusive offer, with
the Feider FBVE2800 Electric Shredder for only
£229.95 plus free delivery

Buy Electric Garden Shredder from MowDirect
Buy Electric Garden Shredder from MowDirect

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