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Power cuts, storms, freezing temperatures. Yes, in the words of Eddard Stark,  Winter’s coming and there are a million and one hazards to deal with every time jolly Mr Freeze dons his white his puffer jacket, sticks his chilly hands in his pocket and comes to stay for a few months.

Well, we can’t do much about the falling temperatures, the nippy winds and the frost, and the snow will fall if it chooses, but we can be well prepared so that we can get through the winter in comfort and safety, and one of the ways to manage this is to arm yourself with a good quality back-up generator.

So whether you live in the middle of nowhere  and need a back-up in case the power goes down, or want an extra power source for an outdoor space or are looking to power your chainsaw or log splitter or power saw in your shed* not to mention the ability to run equipment while camping or on a boat trip… though maybe not in this weather… what you need is the best UK generators  –  powerful and reliable generator from worldwide leading brand Energizer.

Big Power- Small Price – The Energiser EXG3000UK

Like the Energizer EZG3000UK Petrol Frame Generator. Superb. A 3000W rated workhorse, it sports industry-leading build quality, with durable and strong tube-steel frame construction, is convenient to use and transport with its robust, large diameter wheels and fold-down handle,  and comes at the incredibly low price of £299.95, £100 below the RRP, with free delivery and a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

The EZG3000UK is both powerful and versatile, with multiple applications from powering DIY tools, to use as an emergency power-cut beating backup generator or for leisure use.

It features an advanced Voltage Regulation system (AVR) so delicate machinery won’t be damaged by power fluctuation and three output sockets for convenience.

The sound output is a very comfortable 69 dB and the fuel economy is a great feature, with the four-stroke air-cooled overhead-valve engine offering 10 hours of full power on a single fill-up of petrol.

Energizer generators are made with the latest technology and design, are incredibly well priced and the full range on offer at MowDirect.co.uk has something for everyone.

So get powered, get peace of mind and get hold of one of these new generation power providers today.

And for anything else you need for the winter, take a look at our full range of equipment, leaf blowers, chainsaws and more on mowdirect.co.uk

Excellent delivery and product was as mentioned. Would highly recommend to my family and friends for future use.’ INDI (TRUSTPILOT 5/11/18)

Enjoy your garden.    Drew Hardy

*NEVER run your generator inside a dwelling or in an enclosed space

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