Gardening Tips for September

The leaves have already started falling , but don’t be tempted just to pile them up and burn them.
Shred them and use as a mulch for garden shrubs or add them to the compost heap. Manage your compost carefully now and you’ll have valuable nutrients to add to shrubberies and the vegetable garden next year.
See our huge selection of leaf sweepers, vacs and blowers to make the job easier, there’s equipment to help everyone.

One of our must have garden Machinery for September is the  Racing Blower-Vac-Shredder.   This amazing value machine should be in everyone’s garden.  It will help you tidy and mulch debris back into essential nutrients on your garden. Keep an eye on the shrubberies and vegetable plot for dead or dying leaves and small twigs which can also be added to the pile and vegetables which are running to seed, like lettuces, can also be added.
We’ll be telling you soon about other tips and the latest garden equipment to get you through autumn so keep an eye on our gardening tips throughout the week.

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