August lets you see the fruit of your labours

August lets you see the fruit of your labours
    The heatwave has been great news for gardeners who have been able to sit out in the sun and enjoy their lawn in all its glory.

August is finally here and green-fingered enthusiasts will be getting ready to dig up their lettuce, pick those plums and rustle up some raspberries. It will be a flurry of activity out there as you collect your seeds for next year’s flower beds and keep an eye on those strawberry runners.

While you’re spending so much time outside, getting the little things right can make all the difference to your view. Polish those straight lines and perfect your garden edges with our great range of brushcutters and trimmers.

Our Greenworks G-MAX 40v Cordless Trimmer/Edger is just what you need for getting into those hard to reach corners. Awkward turns and hidden edges can be difficult to get to with a larger mower.

This lightweight contraption can be yours for just £69. It can be used close to fences, rocks and trees using it’s 1.6mm single nylon line cutter, leaving no damage and making sure you get the closest cut.

The Greenworks Trimmer is not only at home in any house garden but can also be found on US golf courses, giving those sprawling grasses the perfect sheen for the TV screen.

If you’re keen to enjoy the peace and quiet of summer, this great petrol-powered machine has low vibration and noise, making it a brilliant choice for residential areas. Balanced and simple to handle, this gadget is a great addition to any gardener’s tool shed.

Fans of eco-friendly products will feel at ease with this next product which gives a great finish while looking after the environment.

Using innovative Burn Right technology, the Oleo-Mac Sparta 250 Straight Shaft Petrol Brushcutter produces 75 per cent less fuel emissions than your average trimmer, cutting energy savings by a massive 40 per cent.

With top of the range features such as a forged steel drive shaft and connecting rod, as well as guaranteed longevity, the Oleo-Mac Sparta 250 can be yours for just £169 in our summer sale.

Nimble, light and with self-lubricating bushings on the transmission shaft, this trimmer really is at the top of its range.

MowDIRECT also has a fantastic range of long-reach hedge trimmers to add a professional shine to your garden plants. Why not take a look at the Ryobi RPT-400 Articulating Pole Hedgecutter for just £199.95, making sure your hedges are immaculate and ready for those afternoon parties out in the sun.

Enjoy your garden as the warm weather looks set to continue well into the harvest season. When it comes down to plants, keep on top of deadheading and pruning so you can sit back, relax and see the beauty of your outdoor space.

Keeping up with the watering is the most important thing to stay on top of during the summer months. Make sure you give your thirsty lawn a refreshing drink after its trim!

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