Top Autumn Deal – You Won’t Find a Tougher Tiller at This Price

As my regular reader will know, (hello Mum) I usually start my blogs with some witty story or social comment, appertaining to the subject only in a lateral sense, rambling on with the occasional Bon Mot, eventually leading to my actual purpose – to tell you about our good deals.

Not this time. (See what I did there?) Why? Because this time I really want to point you to what is one of our best deals ever, A rugged, efficient and durable tiller at half the price you would expect.

This superb tiller is from up and coming brand Feider, which is becoming a customer favourite. Feider’s aim to provide quality and performance at reasonable prices is a pleasing prospect for buyers who want quality machines that don’t break the bank. Here’s what they are saying…

‘…build quality is fab… ‘, ‘just ordered another Feider machine – praise indeed!’, ‘Great value …can’t believe how good it is.’, ‘All it is Claimed to Be…’, ‘Excellent Machine…Delighted with my purchase…a powerful, yet very easy to use machine…’, ‘…simply brilliant.’, ‘…an absolute dream to use.’, ‘…very impressed with the features and build…’, …’‘vastly better than most…and reasonably priced as well.’

So. The Feider RTF4020 Pro Rear-Tine Tiller is a pro-grade machine, VERY well built and a VERY good deal.

It will turn-over virgin soil and create the finest of tilths, optimising your growing potential.

In fact it’s powerful enough to create a bed from scratch, turning over unwanted lawn, for example, to create a new growing bed for veg’ or flowers. You won’t find that kind of power on many, if any, tillers at this price.

That power comes from a high-performance 208cc OHV, air-cooled four-stroke, commercial grade engine with lower vibrations, noise and fuel costs.

The chain-type drive ensures maximum torque goes to the durable tines, and a spacious fuel-tank gives you longer working periods with fewer fuel-ups.

A two-speed gearbox (1Forward & 1Reverse ) enhances manoeuvrability and the 40cm tilling-width ensures that each run covers a lot of ground. The working depth is -3.5cm (Max.)

A robust debris-guard prevents stones and soil being flung at the operator and a rugged front bumper protects the engine from bangs and scrapes.

This garden workhorse, exclusive to MowDirect, costs just £499.00 this is an incredible saving of £500 on the list price and represents one of our best ever tiller deals.

Delivery is totally FREE in 2-3 working days and the reassuring warranty extends to FIVE years*, proving just how confident Feider, and we, are in this machine.

If you need help or advice please calls us on 020 3026 8712 (Mon – Fri 9am to 5.30pm & Sat 9am to 5pm) (9-5 Weekdays and 9-4 Sat between October 27th and Sunday 25th March 2020).

‘Superb service. Would highly recommend!’ (LG Trustpilot 2019)

Enjoy your garden. Drew Hardy

*Terms and conditions apply

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