Sunshine After The Rain – Scarify Now And Enjoy Your Lawn

Let’s go back. Way, way back to the nineties. A time when the Spice Girls were sticking their tongues out and telling us what they really, really wanted, when none of the ‘Friends’ had yet resorted to plastic surgery and bandannas were cool. (Editor’s Note:… Bandannas were NEVER cool Drew).

Whatever. Back when homemade dance music, Madchester bands and rave ruled the airwaves and the after-hours parties lasted forever.

Back then, in 1995, a little-known act called ‘Berri’, no doubt backed by a long queue of DJs and producers from Antwerp, Amsterdam or Stockholm, took a line from an Elkie Brooks song and a Giorgio Moroder influenced, sequenced bassline and created one of my favourite, light, dance tracks of the time.

And why am I banging on about this? Probably because ‘Sunshine After The Rain’ enters my head every time that particular event happens. Like today. There’s a particular kind of stormy sunlight that triggers the track in my head.

And now, after the torrents of H20 that hit us through the ‘spring’ and the sunshine that is now making a regular appearance, the grass is truly giving it a go and our lawns are begging for attention.

In his excellent and accurate blog yesterday, my esteemable colleague and vineyard hopping pal Dick Roberts pointed out yesterday, not for the first time, the

Superstar Einhell Scarifier In Action

benefits of one of our MowDirect highly rated superstars, the Einhell GC-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier

We regularly talk about scarifying as it is still one of those subjects that many gardeners have yet to catch up on or learn about.

Scarifying is a useful task for anyone with a lawn, Anyone, particularly those who really love their lawns, and, generally, just a casual mow of the lawn every couple of weeks is enough.

A scarifier will drag out thatch and moss and other organic detritus that builds up under the surface, clearing space for your lawn to breathe again and take in the nutrients and water that are being choked out of it.

And what is thatch? And how does all this work? Well, if you pay a visit to our knowledge base MowHow, we have a number of articles that can help explain what scarifying is and what thatch actually is and what scarifying can do for you.

And when you have decided that your lawn really does need the proper spring clean that only scarifying can give you, that’s when you look for the right machine. like Dick, I feel I have to point you towards the incredibly popular Einhell GC-SC 2240P. Why?

But don’t listen to me. Listen to our customers. They have bought this machine in their thousands, literally! They are the reason this machine sells so well and impresses so much. They have left nearly a 100 four/five-star reviews. They have made this machine a 4/5 star rated superstar and one of our best selling products. Well…. that and the crazy price of £274.95 saving you over £200!

Great Performance… a dream to use…very economical on fuel,

Highly Effective Simple Machine… Well-made, easily assembled, readily started piece of kit which enabled me to scarify a large area of lawn in one day, that took almost four weeks to do with a spring rake last year… It generated a huge quantity of moss and thatch great value for money.

Excellent Machine, Great Price. I had an expensive scarifier attachment…that just didn’t do the job. Sold it online and bought this instead, with change, to spare… Can’t think that you’ll get any better result from a much more expensive model.’

Brilliant Scarifier! My partner describes this scarifier as the best he has ever owned – does a superb job, but like previous reviews better without the bag – just rake afterwards.’

Fantastic price for what you get. I endorse what others have said. A terrific machine and great value for money.’

Great Bit of Kit. Bought this machine for the same cost as having my rather large lawn scarified by my gardening company. I used it for the first time this afternoon. I could not believe how much thatch it tore out of the lawn… As others have said, so effective is this excellent machine that the supplied basket would fill in seconds…Hugely impressed by this machine. And it’s a bargain!’

Excellent Machine. This is a quality machine. Amazing value to get a petrol driven scarifier of this build and quality at such a reasonable price. It is so much quicker and easier to use than our previous electric scarifier.

I could go on (I often do) but see all the reviews for yourself...there are a lot more where that came from.

So, to sum up, basically, buy one of these, they’re really good. Sorry, best I can do. But if you need another opinion, do call our dedicated product team on 0345 4588 905. They are around from 9 am to 5 pm in the week and from 10 m to 4 pm on Saturdays and they are friendly, knowledgeable and known for impartial, excellent advice. Again, trust our customers…Excellent Service and really nice people to deal with.

Everything about this purchase was superb. I discussed my options and was given good impartial advice and I’m really pleased with my purchase. Delivery was well communicated and the mower arrived well packaged and ready to go. I can’t recommend highly enough.‘ Andrew. (TRUSTPILOT)

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