Spring Clean Your Lawn – Scarify and Make Your Grass Happy

A short while ago we sent out a newsletter to all our subscribers on the benefits of scarifying, full of advice and tips and information. It seems only fair to share that information with you, our blog readers, so here is a potted version with some useful links and a few tips to help you make your lawn sing a song of spring… or something equally jolly.

You are probably looking at your lawn thinking, cripes, what to do, and it may be a little damp, but it will dry soon and the grass is certainly growing. When it does dry up, there is a garden job that can really help make your lawn a healthier, better patch of grass and that is a little light scarifying.

Your lawn, over several seasons, can become stifled by thatch. This is made up of organic material, e.g. moss, dead grass shoots and weeds that gradually build up a layer just under the surface.

So just like your greenhouse, conservatory, shed, or, in my case, the whole of your house, a spring clean to get rid of the detritus is in order.

The symptoms of a lawn that needs aerating or scarifying are easy to spot, a spongy, very springy fee to the lawn possibly a profusion of yellow patches or a lack of proper drainage causing puddles after it has rained or when the lawn is watered. But even without these symptoms, it may well be a job you need to do.

So. What do you do? So often, the answer is to scarify. That means to lightly rake into the lawn, pulling out the organic debris and creating space for the lawn to breathe again and to receive the water and nutrients that have been snaffled by the thatch.

All lawns can become clogged up like this and all lawns, at some stage, could do with a touch of scarifying, especially if they have become compacted by heavy use or have been neglected for a while, as a scarifier will also aerate the lawn, leaving little slits in it that can help relieve compaction. On a mechanical or powered scarifier, these are made by metal blades that sit on a revolving cylinder.

There is more information on scarifying here on the pages of MowHow, our knowledge base and you can find out more about aerating here. 

It is possible to take away some of the thatch with a sprung tined rake, but all in all, you can probably get much better results using a mechanical or powered scarifier.  As one of our many scarifier customers informed us

‘The amount of moss and thatch ripped up on the first two passes on the highest setting was incredible…manual raking was getting nowhere’

So. Look at your lawn. Feel it. Take a close look at the grass under the surface. Do you think you might need a scarifier? This article will offer you even more information on this useful and easy to perform task.

And when should you do it?  What is the best time to scarify?  

It is beneficial at several points of the year but the first outing for your scarifier would be during Spring, from April to June.

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If you are interested in scarifying but need extra help and expert advice on any aspect of powered scarifiers or any other garden machinery, please give us a call on  0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat) and we will be very happy to help you.

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Enjoy your garden

Drew Hardy

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