Ignore The Chills, Get Ready For Spring With My Top Five Spring Tunes

Yes. Spring is really just around the corner.

Well, it is according to Dick and Drew who, it must be said, have never been wrong before (fake news) and are always on the money with the seasons and the weather (more fake news) and are far more green fingered than I will ever be (now that’s true news).

Springtime brings on the kind of jolly frisson i always get as I walk into a really good party, and music is alwasy part of my own Sopring Awakening so, just to start getting the mood going, here are my top five Spring related toons!

  1. Springtime For Hitler – There is very little I can say about this without offending someone or other so I am not going to try to explore this musical comedy milestone too much.  Featuring heavily in both the film and the worldwide smash stage musical, the The Producers, suffice to say it has become a legendary song from the totally out of the tree mind of Mr Mel Brooks. Mr Brooks is a comedy genius with an interesting taste in taste! One can’t reproduce lyrics in writing without permission but believe me, it’s hard to resist when they are this good.
  2. Spring Vacation. An innocent ditty, from the prolific pen of Brian Wilson, sung in the classic happy, clappy, close harmony beach Boys style that talks about good vibrations, anticipations and celebrations. Of course Spring Break is now legendary in the US for the kind of partying that Moms and Dads genuinely disapprove of and featiures regularly in sitccoms about protective fathers and wild eyed teenagers. It has led to a whole genre of ‘comedy’ films featuring dorky guys in search of their first experience with a girl and scantily dressed cheerleaders in search of hunky blond guys. It’s not my scene. just saying.
  3. Tulips from Amsterdam. Spring is mentioned and spring is definitely in the air in this song which gave a huge hit to the variety behemoth that is/was Max Bygraves, the multi-faceted entertainment equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. The song is as light and frothy as the top of a stein of lager in May and has the kind of slightly Euro Oom-Pah-Pah feel that reminds one of that very lager served by Derndel clad young women with good teeth. I went to the party city that is Amsterdam once with a boyfriend. Very flat, Holland.
  4. Spring Affair. A slice of cool, tinkly, groovy, Giorgio Moroder produced, disco-lurve from the Empress of Disco herself, Ms Donna Summer. The mistress of ecstatic and erotically charged breathing and cooing noises on vinyl. Donna manages to come up more ecstatic oohs and ahhs on this track than the crowd at an Australian New Year fireworks display. Hmmm. Love to love it baby.
  5.  The Rite Of Spring. Igor Stravinsky’s orchestral and ballet masterpiece (I prefer it to ‘The Firebird’ whatever some purists say.) For me it conjures vivid images of pagan ceremonies and wild dancing in the light of bonfires. Angular and strident in some places, mellow and moody in others this piece, for me, totally sums up the feel of spring, anarchic and wild and full of life bursting out at the seams plus the added benefit of fit and handsome ballet dances in tights. It was first first performed in 1913, on the 29th May at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris. It was so unusual and out-there, with abandoned choreography and spiky, sometimes discordant music that it caused a huge stir and nearly led to a riot. Marvellous.

And that’s it. Watch out for daffodils and snowdrops and remember, if you need a new mower, cultivator or anything else for your garden, MowDirect is the place to come and there will be some great deals for Spring. just call our lovely team on 0345 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri & 10am-4pm Sat)  and they will be happy to help.

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See Ya!    Holly.

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