Top quality Japanese hedgetrimmers to tackle the most stubborn hedges

Neatly-trimmed hedges epitomise a British garden as much as stripes on the lawn and blooming flower borders and now is the time to give them their first trim of the year.

Even if you don’t want to take on hedge tops just yet you can trim the outsides after making sure there are no nesting birds.

So here are three of the best hedgetrimmers from Japanese company Tanaka, easy starting and powerful, enough to satisfy professional gardeners.

The Tanaka TCH22E-AP2 (50) Petrol Hedgetrimmer has a 21.1 cc PureFire engine which minimises emissions and fuel but produces plenty of power.

Cutting edge power; Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Hedgetrimmer

It has 50cm double-sided blades which are double reciprocating and give a very clean cut.

With a 30mm tooth gap it can take on thicker hedge stems on harder woods liked thorn and is very easy to use with a twist grip rear handle so you can tackle odd shapes and hedge sides – this also makes it suitable for left-handers.

‘First Class Machine’ wrote a past customer, ‘Excellent piece of Equipment’ said another.

It costs £219, £70 less than the recommended price and has a five-year warranty.

Delivery the next working day is free.

This one has been a favourite with professional gardeners for some time.

The Tanaka TCH22E-BP2 (62) Petrol Hedgetrimmer has a similar engine producing .87hp.

The sounds of any hedgetrimmer can be annoying but this one has been developed to reduce noise by over 40 per cent.

And the starting mechanism has been developed to minimise the decompression kick so it is easier to fire up.

This one has 63cm double sided blades so it can handle larger hedges and get the job done in double quick time.

Tooth spacing of 35mm means you can handle thicker, better-established growth and again it has a 180 degree handle to make it easy to deal with hedges where access is more difficult.

It has a five-year warranty a free next working day delivery and costs £269, a substantial reduction on the recommended price of £349.

And the Tanaka TCH22E-CP2 (78) Petrol Hedgetrimmer is one which will appeal to professionals and amateurs with really large areas of hedging to deal with.

Real power: Tanaka hedge trimmer

It has extra-long 78cm dual-reciprocating blades and weighs just 5.2kg and yet has very low vibration levels, low enough to enable professional gardeners throughout the day the PureFire engine has a series of sprung vibration damping mounts.

This engine provides plenty of power to deal with the most stubborn, thick hedgerow growth and is comparatively quiet and comfortable to use. And it starts very easily.

The blades are extra sharp giving 10,000 strokes a minute and can cut though hedge stems without twisting them and leaving a bruised finish.

It costs £379, saving you £120 on the recommended price and we deliver it FREE the next working day.

The full list of Tanaka hedgetrimmers can be see here and our complete list appears on there pages.

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