Please Sir, I want Some Mower! What lawn mower to buy. Holly’s Top Five Faves

Oliver Twist you say? Yes, of course I am aware of the quote, I don’t just read ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘The Lady’ you know, I’ve read all the classics. That was just my way of getting you interested. Like click bait, only with no horrible photos of celebrities whose facelifts have left them looking like scary clowns.

Much as I love a bit of Dickens and the lovable artful dodger, the only small urchin I am really interested in is the sea urchin I had at a rather nice little Italian restaurant last week. An acquired taste…not sure if I’ve acquired it yet but you have to try.

NEW BOY – The Lawnflite 21 SPW-ES 4-in-1

However, now you’re here it’s the time of year to put aside all thoughts of the winter. Leave it behind. So what if it’s still so cold I go out looking like a Michelin man in a Dior coat, there is the occasional showing of blue sky and when I went out yesterday I am sure I saw a sunbeam. I kept very quiet so as not to disturb it and it hung around for a while. This is encouraging.

So what am I up to offering advice on mowers when I am perceived to know less about garden machinery than Donald Trump knows about women? I’ll tell you. I’ve been studying. I’ve read and looked and tried out and like an armchair art critic, I know what I like!

Also if you read Dick’s blog regularly, as I do, eventually something is bound to rub off on you like your best friend’s foundation when she cries on your shoulder.  This week he was discussing two excellent new Lawnflite mowersDesigned for lawns around 1500m2 and 1800m2 metres respectively, these are very well priced and from this very well thought of US company. The larger model, the Lawnflite 21 SPW-ES 4-in-1 has an electric start which I particularly like as recoils and I don’t really see eye to eye and I have been known to end up on the ground after trying to start my Father’s old Qualcast.

Hayter Envoy rear roller mower
Anyone for Hayter? This neat little £199 Hayter gives you stripes!

But what if, like me, you have a lawn that is more like half a tennis court? Well, I’m advised by Drew that you could do worse than a small Hayter. Something like the Hayter Envoy Electric rear roller. This rolls in at only £199 instead of the R.R.P: of £225.00 so there’s enough left over to but some new tennis balls., or maybe save up for the other half of the court!

And talking of Hayter, they have just re-vamped and re-launched their Harrier

The New Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive – Veriable Speed VERY SMART!

41 lawn mowers, very popular machines indeed and about which customers are gushing like Gwyneth Paltrow picking up an OSCAR. Seriously, people LOVE Hayter…

“It is a dream to use.” “Excellent … starts a dream, cuts beautifully… this is seriously great value for money and an absolute pleasure to use.” or  “Brilliant machine, uncomplicated, agile, quick, great cut, easy to use and ultra reliable.” “Excellent machine” or even “it’s my new best friend.”  Steady on.  Get a room!

Anyway, You can see the whole Hayter rear roller range, plus the new Harriers here. I particularly like the hayter Harrier Autodrive with variable-Speed. It costs just £679 a saving of £96 on the RRP. 

Of course, if you are into the whole hovering thing – and I’m not talking about hanging about by the cloakroom waiting to talk to a celebrity in Joe Allen – then you could try this brand new

The Cobra Airmow ssssuperb and sssassy

machine for  2017 the Cobra Airmow 51 Petrol Hover Mower. It’s handsome beast, sports wheels and the hover pad cutting deck and floats in at £279, saving £20 on the full price. It’s made for lawns of up to 1500m2, will tackle slopes of up to 45° iand has a powerful, high-grade 98cc engine. Cobra are quite new but have been turning heads a lot recently with their great UK designs and their mission to create quality, with contemporary looks, innovation and to offer value for money. This one is worth a look.

And finally, I am going for a favourite of mine. This sleek, shiny machine has the kind of classic looks that, if it were a chap, would sweep a girl off her feet and take her to Scotts of Mayfair for a decent plate of lobster and a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon 1990.

I’m talking of course about the heartbreakingly suave and rugged Morrison Oxford 54RS Rear Roller Petrol Mower. Woof.

Morrison Oxford lawnmower
The name’s Oxford… Morrison Oxford

Described by fans as “a quality machine” and “very well put together”, this is a mower to put some decent stripes on your lawn and prepare it for the first garden party of the season… even though that may be a little way away right now this top nothc, premium mower is AMAZING value and worth snapping up at £799.00, that’s a glorious saving of £200 on the RRP. Plus FREE oil, a FREE JERRY CAN WORTH £ 24.95 and FREE next working day delivery. 

So that’s it. my pick of the popular lawn mowers right now. Spring is nearly here, I can almost feel the snowdrops arguing  underground about who should pop out first. So think about your lawn now, the time will soon fly by.

So to see ALL our new products, that’s everything from Mowers to Blowers have a look here and if you want more great value lawn mowers to look at , ALL WITH FREE DELIVERY  try here to see our whole range. 

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