Leave the leaves and rubbish to the gobbling Billy Goat

The leaves have really started cascading now but don’t be tempted to let them just rot away – they can stop nutrients and moisture penetrating to the roots of the plant and inhibit further growth this year.

Our blog on Friday listed ten top machines to illustrate the range of clearing equipment available.

But these machines from leading USA  manufacturer Billy Goat are undoubtedly among the best available.

Billy Goat Little Billy
Clean up: Billy Goat lb352 little Billy

This basic little machine is ideal for most medium-sized lawns and is easy and light to use.

The Billy Goat LB352 ‘Little Billy’ Lawn Vacuum will not only clear the leaves but can also deal with twigs and other bits of debris which tend to litter lawns.

This has a Briggs & Stratton engine, producing great suction, and can deal with areas of up to half an acre.

The collecting bag holds 105 litres and is very easy to empty.

This is also excellent for clearing areas around swimming pools and garden paths. You can even clear leaves from gravel drives without picking up the stones due to the adjustable working height.

A suction hose is also available as an option extra for those difficult-to-clear corners.

And It weighs only 27.2kg.

We have it for sale for £539, £50 less than the recommended price, it has a one year warranty and we deliver it free the next working day.

The Billy Goat KV600 Estate Series Lawn Vacuum with On-Board Hose Kit 891125, currently on special offer, has a powerful impeller to shred the debris and pack it into the 151 litre collection bag.

Power is from a 6hp Briggs & Stratton engine.

It also has an on-board hose kit, a very handy piece of equipment and, with its 68.5cm working width, can clear large areas very quickly.

It costs £1018 compared with the recommended price of £1099, saving you over £80, and is delivered free the next working day with a one-year warranty from Billy Goat.

And the Billy Goat KV650SPH Estate Series Lawn Vacuum with Rear-Wheel Drive and On-Board Hose Kit (891125) is intended for work on parks and estates.

Billy Goat KV600
Industrial jobs: Billy Goat KV600

This one has a 187cc Honda engine and is self-propelled with the drive to the rear wheels.

The suction width is 68.5 cm and it has a five-bladed mean and powerful impeller to crunch through the debris – even glass and discarded drinks cans.

It runs on semi-pneumatic tyres and has a 151 litre collection bag.

This one is made for really demanding tasks and it one of the most rugged machines on the market, often used around stadia and shopping centres.

It costs just £1468, has a one-year warranty and is delivered FREE the next working day.

These pages contain a huge selection of leaf and debris clearing equipment. And please ring us on 08454 588905 if you need any advice.


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