British-designed brushcutters on special offer, there’s one for every garden

Every gardener needs a line trimmer and brushcutter is their armoury.

These little machines save hours of scrabbling about on hands and knees with a pair of garden shears trimming lawn edges or wielding a billhook or scythe to hack down longer areas of grass.

The majority of modern machines have interchangeable heads and while many are suitable for the weekend gardener really powerful machines are now on the market aimed at commercial gardeners who need something powerful to deal with overgrown drive edges and the like.

So have a look at these machines from Mitox, a leading manufacturer of brushcuters which are both powerful and reliable, including some of the most sturdy on the market.

Their full list can be found on these pages.

Mitox 25C Petrol Grass-Trimmer is ideal for lawn edges and other light work 

Mitoc 25C strimmer
Lawn edges: Mitox 25C strimmer

with a 25.4cc engine, loop handle and light weight.

Extra line is fed out by simply bumping the head on the ground.

On special offer, it costs £79, £60 off the recommended price, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty.

Mitox 26U Petrol Brushcutter has a solid steel shaft and has two heads, a line head for the lighter work and a three-toothed blade for tougher stuff like nettles and brambles.

This has a U handle which makes the machine easier to use in restricted areas – behind the garden shed or garage for instance.

This one is £129, £80 off the maker’s recommended price, has a two year warranty and free next working day delivery.

Mitox 43U Petrol Brushcutter, another on special offer, has a 42.7cc engine and a solid steel drive and delivers the sort of cutting power needed for cutting down overgrown areas of thick scrub.

It also has a strimming head for lawn edges.
Great worker: Mitox 43U brush cutter

This one has cowhorn handles and comes with a harness to make it easier to use for longer periods where a sweeping, side-to-side motion can cut down large areas more quickly.

It also has an effective vibration-damping system.

This one costs £179, £60 off the recommended price, is delivered free the next working day and has a two-year warranty.

For a really versatile machine, have a look at this.

Mitox 28MT Multi-Tool has four attachments easily attached to the shaft, all driven by a 25.4cc engine.

It is supplied with a 70cm shaft extension so it can be used as a pole pruner and long-reach hedge trimmer as well as being an effective brushcutter and strimmer.

When used as a hedge trimmer the cutting head can be turned through 220 degrees to reach the awkward corners.

Mitox multi tool
Versatile: Mitox multi tool

This machine costs £299, £50 off the recommended price and is delivered free the next working day with a three-year warranty.

The company makes an extensive range of professional machines and this is the best of the bunch.

The Mitox 5300UK PRO Petrol Brushcutter has a really powerful 53.2cc Kwasaki engine delivering 2.7hp which is remarkable easy to start as it is fitted with the Kawasaki Advance Recoil to reduce the force needed to fire it up.

It is fitted with a 1.1 litre fuel tank and has a really mean three-toothed blade to cut through the thickest undergrowth like a brambles and gorse and even small saplings.

The cowhorn handlebars even have a position to make it easy to transport.

This machine, aimed at estate workers and professional gardeners, costs £599, £50 off the recommended price and has a five year maker’s warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

An extensive list of strimmers and brushcutters can be found on these pages, but please give us a ring on 020 3026 8712 if you are unsure which is the right machine for your needs.


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