The Big Fight. Lawn Tractors vs Zero Turn Mowers.

OK. So I exaggerated. It’s not really a fight. Not so much ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’ or ‘The Thriller in Manilla’ as the…er… ‘Beg Your Pardon in the Garden’. Yes it’s a terribly polite and British contest, a smiling and not-too-serious middleweight tussle over which style of ride-on really cuts the dijon. Which  is the best… best for you that is. When it comes to the crunch, we all know both these styles of ride-on lawn mower are useful and have their place but which is best for your needs?

This is a question many customers have been asking so, for a start, we have created a small but perfectly formed comparison article in MowHow, our knowledge base, our amazing 14 storey underground aircraft hanger of gardening information. Just take a look at this article and your questions will be answered.

Not only that, our erudite and esteemed colleague Dick will be putting together a TOP 10 of the best of both styles tomorrow, from the very excellent Snapper ERXT2242RDF Garden Tractor to the superb Cub Cadet RZT-S46 Zero-Turn Ride-On Mower and back in time for lunch. Check it out, Dick really knows one end of a ride-on from the other and there will be special offers, exclusives and all sorts of goodies on show.

Side Discharge Lawn Tractor In Action
Side Discharge Lawn Tractor In Action

In my humble, unbiased but extremely well informed opinion, whichever you go for depends very much on what your lawn is like, how you like to cut, whether you are a fan of neat and tidy rear grass collecting, or of cutting longer grass with side discharge or perhaps are a dedicated follower of mulching. The whole mulching thing has become very popular with lawn enthusiasts enjoying the greener, healthier lawn that letting your clippings breakdown in your lawn can deliver.

Zero-turn Mower in Action
Zero-turn Mower in Action

It’s also dependant on how much time you like to spend on your ride-on. Are you a ‘mow it and go’ person? if so you will probably find the benefits of the 360 degree or 180 degree turn will save you a lot of time, giving you more hours to waste watching Netlix. Or perhaps you are,  like me, someone who is happy to sit and let the world go by and neatly collect your clippings while you write your best-selling novel in your head or , as I tend to do, sit on your ride-on with a cold drink (non-alcoholic of course)  trying to look sophisticated and take your time mowing while you enter some fantasy world where you are James Bond escaping the clutches of SPECTRE on a stolen Moon Rover; albeit one traveling at around 5 miles per hour.


Either way, all you really need to know is you can rely on MowDirect to help you make a decision. Look at our article on MowHow and follow Dick’s blog tomorrow to get some great choices, or look on our Lawn Tractor, our Garden Tractor and Zero-Turn Mower product pages to choose some models or give one of our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team a call on O845 4588 905 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri &  10am-4pm Sat) and we will be able to offer you the best prices, best advice, and the best service including  FREE DELIVERY to the UK mainland and a PREMIUM DELIVERY SERVICE that means your Lawn Tractor or Zero-Turn Mower is delivered assembled, checked, rested, tuned and cleaned with FREE OIL included. Now that is a knockout!






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